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Volunteering at District Bowling

Jennifer Price volunteered at the SOMO District Bowling Tournament at Southside Family Fun Center in St. Joseph March 3 & 4, 2012.

It was a very humbling and amazing experience to meet all the athletes and see how their faces light up and how excited and determined they were to do their best despite their disability, whatever it may be.

I was especially touched by the athlete pictured with me.  Lage is an amazing young man who survived, against all odds, a very traumatic experience and was often referred to as a miracle.  He was injured in the tornado that devastated Joplin last year.  Lage was in a vehicle along with his grandmother and cousin sitting in the Home Depot parking lot when the tornado struck, leaving him severly injured.  He was found among the rubble and devastation of the Home Depot store next to his grandfather’s truck.  The tornado had relocated the truck from the parking lot to what once was the Home Depot store.  Lage is a terrific, determined young man and obviously a fighter.  He has overcome so much already, defying the odds as he continues to heal.  He does all of this and continues to have a big heart and with a smile on his face.

People like Lage are an inspiration and should remind us all to be thankful and thoughtful for those around us and what they have to offer.