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Unified Track and Field: April. 25

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SOMO hosted Unified Track and Field at the Training for Life Campus on Thursday, April 25th. Students from Russellville HS NJHS managed the competition for teams from Mexico Public Schools, California High School, and Tipton High School. This event is growing  as we learn from models across the country and work towards our goal of Unified Track and Field becoming an emerging sport with Missouri State High School Activities Association (MSHSAA). This competition highlighted each student’s strengths by running one event at a time so everyone could cheer for each participant. Coaches intentionally entered athletes and Unified partners into competitions that best matched their skills to earn the most points for their team. Students with and without intellectual disabilities worked together to earn team points during the competition, and team prizes were awarded based on the total number of points each team earned. Unified Track and Field is a higher level of competition which resulted in a more engaging and rewarding sports experience for each of the participating students.

1st place- California HS

2nd place- Tipton HS

3rd place- Mexico Public Schools