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Two Men and a Truck Make a Special Delivery

This post was written by Special Olympics Missouri coach Mark Bussen.

On April 4, Two Men and a Truck took an unusual route to make a special delivery to Special Olympics Missouri. Tyler Sonnabend is their driver supervisor and he had a beautiful, full head of long, flowing hair. His management team offered him $500 to the charity of his choice if he would allow his co-workers to shave his head. Tyler quickly jumped at the chance to help others, and chose to help Special Olympics Missouri. Tyler’s brother, Brendan, has been an athlete with the West County Special Olympic team for a long time. Tyler has also donated his time in the past to help coach his brother’s team.

The $500 offer quickly began to grow as his co-workers bid against each other for the opportunity to shave his head. When the locks of hair finally fell to the floor, and Tyler had a new, shiny head, $1,849 was raised for our athletes. Two Men and Truck employees didn’t just mail in a check, they took the time to hand deliver the check at the team’s practice, as they wanted to meet the athletes and experience what made Tyler jump at the chance. They also brought their mascot, Truckie, in full costume as part of the ceremony. It didn’t take long for them to all have big smiles, and for them to see what our athletes can accomplish with a little support.

Thanks to all at Two Men and a Truck for their kindness and generosity. You made a difference in our athletes’ lives.