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Tobin’s Take on Healthy Athletes: Final Goodbye

SOMO's Team Missouri communications team poses for a picture at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando, Fla. on Saturday, June 11, 2022.

Saturday was a fun day off to Magic Kingdom with the communications team, and we met up with the bowling team. We had so much fun. It was my first time being there.

I walked around going to different shops and rides, and they even talked me into going on Space Mountain. It’s a roller-costar, but inside in the dark. I liked riding it because I could not see what was going to happen and my mind could not tell me I was scared but that’s what happens when you walk around with 3 women that want to make sure that you enjoy yourself.

Not only did they talk me into going on a roller-coaster, but they also got me to go to the Princess Hall. I told them if they don’t try to dress my up as a princess, I would go.

But to the real reason I’m writing this blog…

There are so many athletes like myself that got glasses and hearing aids this week for free. They did not pay for anything. I don’t have the whole list, but here is what I do know. I had my eyes tested. They found I had the starting of cataracts and are going to send me new bifocals because they can’t make them there. I also got brand new hearing aids that cost $8,000 for both of them ,but I walked out of healthy hearing with them and didn’t pay anything for them.

To name a few other athletes: Andrew Shaffer got one hearing aide and glasses and sports goggles. Richard Scott, TJ Bray, Sean Agnew and Mark Harris II got glasses and sports goggles.

Jonathan Martin got custom made hearing aids from the owner of Starkey Hearing Aids. They made them so they would fit inside his ear, so they would look invisible, so he can hear his teammates when he plays sports. To see the smile on his face was so heartwarming.

A few more athlete’s stories: Jacob Ritter, Michael Mohrmann and Chase Browning received glasses and sports goggles. Devin Bock got sports glasses. Daxton Miller received glasses. Brandon Layton got glasses. There are many more that have walked away with life-changing help from the Healthy Athletes program and Special Olympics wanting to make people’s lives more enjoyable!

Sunday was a very busy travel day, and I’m happy to report I have safely made it back home. Thank you all so much for following along all week long!