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Tobin’s take on Healthy Athletes: Day 1 of competition

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Today I was part of the ribbon cutting for the official opening day of Healthy Athlete’s. It was a great opportunity to be there, I was able to speak to many people, including a Florida congresswoman, Val Demings, about the benefits that Healthy Athletes provides. Being able to share my story of how Healthy
Athletes has changed my life, shows the extent of how this program helps our athletes.
We had a good turn out from Team Missouri at Healthy Athletes we had the bocce team, girls’ basketball, and some of the track team go through medical screenings. I went through the opening eyes this morning and they found that I have cataracts in both of my eyes. If I would have not gone to have my eyes checked, I would have not known. Other eye doctors I have seen did not check for cataracts, they just wanted to get me in and out as fast as they could. This is another example of why Heathy Athletes and the health screenings are important.

On another note, I got to help take pictures at tennis and hang out with two of the Team Missouri tennis players for a while. I had a great time with the media team at the Unified Challenge where I got to be down on the field taking pictures of the players and Special Olympics’ Chairman of the Board, Tim