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Tipton and Camdenton Unified basketball teams compete at 2023 Norm Stewart Classic

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COLUMBIA – Two Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) Unified basketball teams had the opportunity to kickoff the 2023 Norm Stewart Classic on Thursday, Dec. 7.

Tipton’s Unified basketball team played 3-on-3 against Camdenton’s Unified basketball team in an exhibition matchup. After the game, all the players had the chance to meet Norm Stewart. It was a great day!

Shoutout to our two volunteer referees, Curt Yaeger and Fadraon Anderson. Curt is the 2023 SOMO Volunteer of the Year, and Fadraon is a standout SOMO athlete.

SOMO isn’t just playing basketball this weekend. We are also holding our annual concession stand fundraiser. All proceeds from the concession stand throughout the Norm Stewart Classic will benefit local Mid-Missouri programs. Shoutout to all the SOMO volunteers and staff for working long hours all weekend long.