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Team Missouri Newsletter: Day 3 of Competition

July 4, 2018

Team MO Magic Newsletter

As always, be sure to check out our Facebook and Flickr pages where you can view all of the photos we take throughout the week. Also, follow us on our social media channels (links at the bottom of this newsletter). If you like what you see with MO Magic and would like to continue to support them, please donate now: 

Below you will find a short recap of each team for the day. For a full detailed schedule for each sport on Wednesday, download the mobile app.


The basketball team faced a tough test today against an Alabama team that moved down into our division from the top one. Alabama led most of the way until the final 90 seconds when Haydon Windsor hit a big three-pointer to tie it. Then thanks to some shutdown defense, our guys forced a couple of key turnovers and Zach Wells made three key free throws down the stretch to take the lead. They hung on to win another nail biter, 28-25. They play for a gold medal at 3:30 p.m. at Seattle University vs. the winner of Alaska/Tennessee.

Wednesday action included finals doubles and Unified doubles for Team Missouri:

  • Doubles finals
    • James Ross and Bobby Bates placed 6th
    • Amanda Koch and Jaime Rosso placed 5th
  • Unified Doubles finals
    • Kathy Witmeyer and Becca Tincknell won silver
    • Larry Hughes and Colin Garrison placed 4th
    • Paul Davidson and Matt Davidson won silver
    • Marsha Roselli and Lisa Berryhill won bronze

Every single game today was within a matter of a couple of points. Coach Terri Dallas said the athletes competing earlier this week gave them an advantage where the Unified Partners struggled with just how slow the playing surface was.

One extra little tidbit from bocce on Wednesday is that a former board member at Coach Dallas’s workplace heard that the team really wanted to go up in the Space Needle, but couldn’t afford it. She and her husband donated enough money so the whole bocce team could go up in the Space Needle later this week.

Both Unified teams competed this morning; the guys won gold and the girls won silver. Going into the last game, the girls were in 4th place and still there going into the 8th frame when they gained 50 pins on the second- and third-place teams to win the silver. Erica bowled 40 percent higher than her average in game one. All of the guys were within eight pins of their average. They won their series 66 pins.

All of the golfers wrapped up their competition for the week on Wednesday.

Mike Hughes and Colin Garrison shot their best score of the week with a 53, which gave them a 167 for the week. That was good enough for a silver medal. They missed a gold medal by one stroke.

Nick and Jerry McMullen shot a 55 and ended their week with a 162 overall, which was good enough for a silver medal as well.

Cade and Doug shot a 44 and ended with a score of 132 for the week, which earned them a silver medal.

Thomas shot an 85 today and finished with a three-day score of 250, which was a two-way tie for third place. Because he was in the championship high-performance division and because there was a tie for silver medal, Thomas and the athlete he tied with will both receive fourth-place ribbons.

Coach Steve Wiederholt said, “My guys played their hearts out.”

The powerlifters had the day off and slept in a bit. They went to the fan zone to hang out and have some fun. They also went to watch other Team Missouri delegates compete in basketball and tennis.

The softball team had the day off so they had the opportunity to visit some of the other teams, including tennis, basketball and bocce. They enjoyed getting to see all of their other Team Missouri delegates.

Another lengthy day at the pool ended with more awards for the swimmers:

  • Joel Chrouser won bronze in the 100 M breaststroke
  • Libby Waddell received a participation ribbon in the 200 M individual medley
  • The 4×50 M medley relay (Jessica Grammer, Neha Naik, Curtis Herbold and Devin Bock) came from behind to win the gold medal
  • Curtis Herbold was awarded 6th place
  • Jessica Grammer was awarded 5th place

Tough, but competitive day for our tennis players on Wednesday:

  • Simon Caldwell and Lucas Blattel beat New Jersey and play Thursday for gold
  • Kris Green and Jeremy Clayton lost to Louisiana and play Thusrday for bronze
  • Simon Caldwell had one singles match against Virginia. It was back and forth with each of them winning a set, but in the end Simon ran out of gas and lost the tiebreaker. SHe will for the bronze on Thursday.
  • Lucas Blattel also played one match today and beat Pennsylvania. He’ll play for the gold on Friday.

Track & Field
Wednesday’s results are as follows:

  • Brett Harper placed 5th in the 400 M run and shaved five seconds off his personal record in the process. He also won the bronze medal in the running long jump.
  • Shaquana Hobbs won the gold medal in the mini jav.
  • Lynna Hodgson won bronze in the 200 M run.
  • Mary McManus won gold in the 200 M run.
  • The 4×100 M relay (Dustin Johnson, Mary McManus, Mark Harris and Brett Harper) ran its prelim and finished third. They will run in the finals on Thursday.

The section below shows what delegates have been writing blogs for us. These are new blogs written on Wednesday night to recap that day and previous day’s activities. To view all blogs written earlier this week, visit our WordPress site.

With the addition of an athlete-leader on our Team Missouri staff, we wanted to utilize Allison’s skillset and try something new. So we’re excited to announce Allison’s THIRD recap show, which you can view here. On Wednesday night, she talked to Alyssa Cress, Piper Earhart and Lauren Gaines who are taking part in the Youth Leadership Experience this week. She then interviewed Coach Terri Dallas and Amanda Koch from bocce.

Only two more days left of competition. We will have much more to update throughout the week, so stay tuned!

Again, the best way to stay up to date and view the next day’s schedule is to download the Team Missouri mobile app. For more info on the app, see below.


Whether you will watch Team Missouri athletes compete in Seattle or you just want to follow their progress from afar, the Team Missouri mobile app has features to enhance your experience cheering them on:

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  • Communicate with other parents/coaches
  • Photo gallery
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Check out this video tutorial on downloading and using the app

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We are still working on adding a few things here and there, so make sure you check back in near the end of June to get the full experience.

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