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Summer Games Volunteer Shares Experience

After reading the blog on VUHQ and saw that Special Olympics was looking for volunteers, I thought – what the heck I will see if they need anyone for the swimming events. I signed up to work the morning shift on Saturday and again the afternoon shift on Saturday since they were short on volunteers for the second shift. I had no idea that Veterans United Foundation was a sponsor of this event until I was looking at a fellow volunteer’s T-shirt.

Watching these special athletes compete in a sport they love even with the handicaps that they had (some severe some not so severe) it was heartwarming to see the sportsmanship among the athletes, the sheer joy of when they touched the end of the pool after their race, asking for their time and the excitement when we shared their times and told them what a great job and hearing their coaches cheer them on, every athlete was yelled and clapped on during their races no matter how fast or slow they were. After 10 hours at the pool on Saturday, many wet hugs, high fives, thumbs up, getting splashed on (on purpose and the sound of their sheer joy of getting me wet) made my heart full and I count myself lucky to have participated in this special sporting event.

I am very proud that I am a small part of VUF and that our Foundation supports such a wonderful event and we are truly enhancing the lives of these special athletes. Thank you for all you do!

Renee Aslanidis