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SOMO Sum Ups: Mar. 12-18

EKS Sportsmanship Award

Here’s a look back at the amazing Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) events from March 12-18

Training for Life Campus Events: All Week!

TLC events are back for the new year! Check out the schedule below for all the amazing January opportunities coming up, including our 8-week “Healthy Hustle” program. Don’t miss out on these recurring classes and activities!

Laquey Local Basketball Tournament: Tuesday, March 12

The Laquey Local Basketball Tournament brought together teams from the local community for an exciting day of friendly competition on the court. Held on Tuesday, March 12, participants showcased their basketball skills and sportsmanship in a series of thrilling games. Spectators cheered on their favorite teams as players demonstrated teamwork, agility, and determination throughout the tournament.

KC Unified Intramural Kickball Intramural with UMKC: Tuesday, March 12

The KC Unified Intramural Kickball Intramural event, in collaboration with UMKC, offered an inclusive and enjoyable experience for participants of all abilities. Players came together to kick, run, and have fun in a spirited game of kickball, fostering camaraderie and unity among individuals from diverse backgrounds. This event exemplified the power of sports to promote inclusion, teamwork, and friendship.

KC Metro Floor Hockey Clinic with KC Mavericks: Wednesday, March 13

Hosted by the KC Mavericks, the KC Metro Floor Hockey Clinic took place on Wednesday, March 13, offering aspiring athletes the opportunity to sharpen their skills and learn from experienced coaches. Participants received expert guidance on stickhandling, passing, and shooting techniques, enhancing their proficiency in the fast-paced sport of floor hockey. This engaging clinic provided invaluable instruction and inspiration for players of all levels.

State Indoor Games: Friday, March 15 and Saturday, March 16

The State Indoor Games, held March 15-16, showcased the remarkable talents of Special Olympics athletes from across the state. Competitors demonstrated their athleticism and determination in a variety of indoor sports, including basketball, volleyball, and gymnastics. With passionate performances and unwavering dedication, athletes inspired spectators and celebrated the spirit of sportsmanship and achievement.

St. Joseph Shamrock Run: Saturday, March 16

On Saturday, March 16, the St. Joseph Shamrock Run brought together runners of all ages and abilities for a festive and spirited community event. Participants donned their green attire and laced up their running shoes to take part in the scenic race through the streets of St. Joseph. With a festive atmosphere and enthusiastic crowds cheering along the route, the Shamrock Run celebrated health, wellness, and the joy of running in the spirit of St. Patrick’s Day.

Be sure to check out our SOMO calendar for all of our upcoming events! If you’d like to volunteer, visit our Volunteer Hub!