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SOMO Sum Ups: Jan. 16-22

Eric Schmitt

Here’s a look back at the amazing Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) events from Jan. 16-22, 2024!

Training for Life Campus (TLC) Events

TLC events are back for the new year! Check out the schedule below for all the amazing January opportunities coming up. Don’t miss out on these recurring classes and activities!

Photos from Healthy Hustle: Friday, January 18

Eric Schmitt Speaking Engagement: Thursday, January 18th
HUGE SHOUTOUT to Special Olympics Missouri Athlete Leader Eric Schmitt!

On Jan. 18, Eric teamed up with our Kansas City Metro Area Program Director Meg Ward to give a presentation at the Center for Human Services, shedding light on the extraordinary work we’re doing at SOMO! #SOMOPremier

Learn how you can become an Athlete Leader like Eric ➡️ Athlete Leadership | Special Olympics Missouri

Challenge Day at Boonslick State School: Thursday, January 18th

The St. Louis Metro Area was excited to bring a Challenge Day to the Boonslick State School last Thursday! Students from the Gateway State School also joined in and activity stations were manned by volunteers from the women’s lacrosse team at Lindenwood University. State school students enjoyed basketball, bowling, soccer, balloon volleyball stations and more. They played hard to win medals at the end of the day!

Southwest Area Basketball: Saturday, January 20

Nevada Schools welcomed SOMO athletes on Saturday for a fun day filled with Regulation 5-on-5, Modified 5-on-5, Unified 5-on-5, and NON-Unified 3-on-3 basketball.

Program organizer, Jesse Williams, had expressions of gratitude for all involved in this event,

“Huge props to Bonnie Franklin and the rest of the Nevada team for all their hard work getting this tournament going. Reserving sites, finding volunteers, obtaining refs, getting donations for food, and helping with all the logistics… truly an incredible job. To all the coaches who helped with scoring, set up, tear down, and all the athletes that helped throughout the day at both sites, you guys were amazing and truly made this event great.

Thank you to all the teams who showed up, cheered, competed, displayed amazing sportsmanship all day, and celebrated everything the SW Area is about. I know it was a long day for some of you, and I appreciate you all sticking it out and not complaining.

Thank you to our law enforcement that was able to come in this morning at the Community Center and help with awards, I’m glad we had the time we had before you had to go.

Thank you to the Nevada High School and Community Center for letting us use your facilities all day and for all your support throughout the day!

Thank you to all our local sponsors and to all our donors who helped make this event possible. We couldn’t do this without your generous support!

And a final thank you to Haley Blevins for helping me today. You went above and beyond, and your time and effort do not go unnoticed or unappreciated. You’re amazing. Thank you.”

St. Louis Metro Area Basketball Tournament: Sunday, January 21

Athletes were welcomed to Wentzville School District to compete in the 2024 St. Louis Metro Area Basketball Tournament!

Be sure to check out our SOMO calendar for all of our upcoming events! If you’d like to volunteer, visit our Volunteer Hub!