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SOMO Sum Ups: Dec. 12 – 18

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Training for Life Campus (TLC) Weekly Events and Classes: Dec. 12-15

The previous week at the Training for Life Campus was a delightful blend of enjoyment and education, setting the stage for another week brimming with thrilling activities. In the realm of Music Class, athletes delved into a range of skills through singing and playing instruments. The Holiday Hustle initiative is currently underway, providing customized group sessions with incentives for regular participation. Wednesdays are dedicated to the warm and inviting Buddy Club, offering coffee, hot chocolate, and friendly games. Fridays are earmarked for Open Gym Fun, allowing registered athletes and groups to relish the arena. The specially crafted Workout Class for individuals with disabilities remains popular, providing rejuvenating low-impact stretches. Thursdays focus on unleashing creativity in Art Class.

The Training for Life Campus extends a warm invitation to both regular attendees and newcomers to join this lively community for a week filled with captivating events and learning prospects. Whether one’s interest lies in music, fitness, or creativity, there is a welcoming space for everyone at the Training for Life Campus.

SOMO Night with the Blues: Tuesday, Dec. 12

It was an extraordinary evening at our SOMO Night with the Blues on Tuesday, Dec. 12. Some lucky SOMO athletes, coaches, volunteers, and staff enjoyed exclusive discounted tickets for the game. SOMO received recognition on the ticker as well! A truly exceptional night!

Healthy Hustle Holiday Party: Thursday, Dec. 14

Athletes and friends had so much fun at the Healthy Hustle Holiday Party on Friday! Thank you to everyone who came out and celebrated at The Training for Life Campus!

Unified Holiday Party: Friday, Dec. 15

What an amazing day at the Training for Life Campus, bringing together students from six fantastic schools: Jefferson City HS, Capital City HS, Eldon HS, Camdenton HS, California HS and Tipton HS. From thrilling sports activities to creative crafts, dancing, and cookie-making, we created unforgettable memories! More than 100 students came out to celebrate and have fun!

Francis Howell Local Basketball Tournament: Saturday, Dec. 16

The Francis Howell Local Basketball Tournament was a big success, bringing together passionate teams and enthusiastic spectators for a thrilling display of skill and sportsmanship. The tournament’s lively atmosphere and competitive spirit created an unforgettable experience, making it fun for all participants and attendees.

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