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SOMO Sum-Ups: April. 2 – 8

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Here’s a look back at the amazing Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) events from April 2 – 8

Training for Life Campus Events: All Week!TLC events are back for the new year! Check out the schedule below for all the amazing April opportunities coming up, including our 8-week “Healthy Hustle” program. Don’t miss out on these recurring classes and activities!

Unified Intramural Kickball Intramural with UMKC: Tuesday, April 2

Teams came together on Tuesday for an action-packed Unified Intramural Kickball event with UMKC. Laughter, teamwork, and friendly competition filled the air as participants showcased their skills and sportsmanship on the field.

NAIA Unified Field Day: Friday, April 5

Athletes from Special Olympics and NAIA student-athletes united for a memorable Unified Field Day. From friendly games to building lasting connections, it was a day filled with joy, inclusion, and shared experiences.

SW Area Aquatic Competition: Saturday, April 6

Making waves of achievement, athletes showcased their aquatic skills at the SW Area Aquatic Competition on Saturday, April 6th. With determination and passion, participants demonstrated their abilities in the pool, inspiring us all with their incredible performances.

University of Missouri Unified Kickball: Saturday, April 6

The University of Missouri hosted a thrilling Unified Kickball event. Athletes and volunteers came together for a day of fun, friendship, and unforgettable moments on the field, showcasing the power of inclusion and teamwork.

North Area Spring Games (Kirksville): Saturday, April 6

Kirksville came alive with excitement on Saturday, April 6th, as athletes from the North Area showcased their talents at the Spring Games. From track and field to basketball, athletes gave their all, inspiring us with their determination and sportsmanship.

KC Metro Pickleball Clinic: Sunday, April 7

Paddles in hand, participants honed their skills at the KC Metro Pickleball Clinic on Sunday, April 7th. With expert guidance and enthusiastic participation, it was a day of learning, camaraderie, and passion for the sport.

Be sure to check out our SOMO calendar for all of our upcoming events! If you’d like to volunteer, visit our Volunteer Hub!