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SOMO Sum-Ups: April. 16 – 22

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Here’s a look back at the amazing Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) events from April. 16 – 22

Training for Life Campus Events: All Week!

TLC events are back for the new year! Check out the schedule below for all the amazing April opportunities coming up, including our 8-week “Healthy Hustle” program. Don’t miss out on these recurring classes and activities!

St. Clair Local Track Meet: Friday, April 19

St. Clair High School STUCO hosted a local track meet yesterday, April 19.  It was a fun day for the athletes that attended and ended with a Unified relay including law enforcement!  This is the 41st year of this track meet, we’re thankful to St. Clair for their continued generosity in hosting SOMO!

SW Area School Pee Wee Plunge: Friday, April 19

What an absolutely AMAZING afternoon with the students at Fremont Elementary! The first ever school plunge in the SW area was a splashing success! These cool school plungers raised over $600 in support of SW area athletes.

North Area Powerlifting Event: Saturday, April 20

This past Saturday, April 20th, we saw some incredible feats of strength at the North Area Powerlifting Event! A huge thank you to all the athletes who competed, the coaches who trained, and the fans who cheered everyone on. Your energy was unmatched!

Southeast Area Spring Games: Saturday, April 20

What an incredible day we had at the Southeast Area Spring Games this past Saturday, April 20! A massive thank you to all the athletes, coaches, volunteers, and supporters who came out and made this event truly special. 🏆✨

We witnessed amazing displays of skill, courage, and sportsmanship. Your energy and enthusiasm filled the air, making it a day to remember! 🎉

Be sure to check out our SOMO calendar for all of our upcoming events! If you’d like to volunteer, visit our Volunteer Hub!