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Shamrock Run 2024: A Spirited Success!

Shamrock Run 2024

The annual Shamrock Run event, held this year with an abundance of enthusiasm, camaraderie, and green-themed outfits, proved to be yet another fantastic occasion for the community. Participants from all walks of life gathered to celebrate health, fitness, and a touch of Irish spirit on the race tracks.

Among the highlights of the event were the vibrant costumes, with judges facing the delightful challenge of selecting the top three winners. Taking the spotlight were:

  1. The Littlest Leprachaun – Emmett Jackson
  2. Running In the Kilt – Russel O’Daniel
  3. Blow Up Leprachaun – Ryan Lawhon

Heartfelt applause goes out to all participants who showcased their creativity and contributed to the festive atmosphere!

But the excitement didn’t stop there! As runners dashed towards the finish line, cheers echoed through the air as they completed their respective categories with impressive timings. Here are the remarkable winners:

Male Category:

  1. Steve Mirarchi – Time: 18:05
  2. Travis Martinez – Time: 22:02
  3. Patrick Evenson – Time: 22:25

Female Category:

  1. Christina Hewins – Time: 25:09
  2. Brandy Hewins – Time: 25:10
  3. Melissa Crabb – Time: 28:58

Youth Male Category:

  1. Nick Garvey – Time: 20:26
  2. Maddox Kountz – Time: 22:33
  3. Bo Garvey – Time: 22:56

Youth Female Category:

  1. Abby Richman – Time: 30:56
  2. Kate Garvey – Time: 35:06
  3. Dahlia Redmond – Time: 40:55

The Shamrock Run wouldn’t have been possible without the unwavering support of our dedicated runners and generous sponsors. Their commitment to our cause is deeply appreciated and truly commendable. Together, we’ve achieved something extraordinary!

This year’s event also brought heartwarming results as we collectively raised an impressive $10,400. This contribution will go a long way in supporting our North Area athletes, ensuring they have the resources they need to thrive.

We look forward to seeing familiar faces and new participants next year. Until then, let’s continue to support our community in every way we can. Cheers to another successful Shamrock Run! 🍀