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RELEASE: SOMO to host 27th Annual Gary Brimer Sports Camp at the Training for Life Campus

Gary Brimer Sports Camp 2022

JEFFERSON CITY – Special Olympics Missouri is so excited to host its 27th Annual Gary Brimer Sports Camp at the Training for Life Campus, June 18-23.

68 campers from across the state are participating in this year’s weeklong program, including 33 newcomers. They will all arrive on Sunday, June 18 starting at 3:30 p.m.

Check out our recap video from last year’s Gary Brimer Sports Camp below.

Activities will start each day at 8 a.m. and go until around 8 p.m. Campers will participate in a wide variety of activities, including sports, crafting and other life skill programs.

Please note: Mid-Missouri’s Fellowship of Christian Athletes will be coming to camp to play sports alongside the campers on Tuesday, June 20 from 1-2:30 p.m. This would be a great media opportunity!

“Gary Brimer Sports Camp gives our athletes the opportunity to learn new life skills,” SOMO Training Director Susan Shaffer said. “They will experience a lot of new things and gain life-long friendships along the way. This camp kind of ties back to why we call our campus the Training for Life Campus. We’re giving our athletes an opportunity to train for life, while also having a ton of fun.”

This is our 27th annual camp, but it’s just the third year it’s been named after Gary Brimer. Brimer passed away after a battle with cancer in Nov. 2020, leaving behind a lasting legacy. Brimer began his journey with SOMO in 1976, and he dedicated 41 years of his life to providing year-round sports training and competition to the thousands of athletes in Missouri. He started as a volunteer, but he ultimately became SOMO’s director of sports and training. During his career, Brimer was instrumental in starting this camp. He also led the charge to develop a coaches training program. Brimer retired from SOMO in 2016.

If you plan on sending staff to cover Gary Brimer Sports Camp, or if you have any questions – please email