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Profile: Justin Janes, 2015 Raffle Winner

The 2016 Drive it Home Raffle tickets are for sale, which means you could be the recipient of $500 or, if you’re as lucky as Justin Janes, a brand new Ford F-150.

Justin Janes in truckJanes, a Warrenton sheriff’s deputy and the winner of last year’s Drive it Home Raffle, purchased the winning ticket from former Board member Randy Boehm. James said that a presentation was given while he was enrolled at the Law Enforcement Training Institute in Columbia about the Law Enforcement Torch Run and the raffle, which led to his unwittingly winning decision.

Boehm, who has been heavily involved in the Law Enforcement Torch Run and Special Olympics Missouri for nearly 30 years, was glad that he not only sold the winning ticket, but that it went to a young, soon-to-be law enforcement officer.

“I’m proud to be a part of a fundraising effort that allows these athletes who might not be able to compete to be a part of the experience. It’s a perfect way to give back,” Boehm said. “Hopefully I can use that I sold the winning ticket to help boost my future sales too.”

The final drawing was held last November at the Zimmer Radio Tailgate prior to the Missouri v. Tennessee football game. Janes was then presented with keys to the truck in the end zone during the game.

While Janes was able to drive off with his new car, he did not get to enjoy it for long. After two months of driving the car, he sold it, which he admitted was a difficult decision. However, in return, it helped pay off Janes’ and his wife’s student loans.

Despite little involvement with Special Olympics Missouri prior to purchasing raffle tickets, Janes said he is considering becoming involved in the Torch Run and possibly reentering this year’s raffle drawing.

“I’ve seen close coworkers involvement in the Torch Run, and I’ve had family involved in Special Olympics so I see how it has impacted them, what they do and what it stands for,” Janes said.

Tickets for this year’s drawing are currently on sale at $5 per ticket, or one book of 10 tickets for $50. Proceeds go toward SOMO’s 15,000 athletes throughout the state and their participation in sports. There will be eight finalists chosen: seven regional winners and one from tickets sold on November 26 at the Zimmer Tailgate. All tickets not sold at the tailgate must be purchased by October 31. This year’s prize is a 2016 Ford F-150 XLT. More information can be found at