Special Olympics' Project UNIFY is a youth-based initiative to give students leadership opportunities that promote inclusion, diversity, respect, and advocacy. Our goal is to partner with educators and students to create a brighter tomorrow for everyone.

We know that educators are busy people with lots of grade and course level expectations, so we aim to provide resources that will help you achieve those goals, while also incorporating values we hold in high regard and truly believe will help shape a better, more unified world for today's students.

Please check here often to find links to great resources that will help you meet your education goals.


September newsletter

Project UNIFY Resources -

Get Into It - Education and Engagement Tools for Teachers and Students 

Volunteer to Cheer! Help get students together to be fans in the stands for SOMO athletes at any upcoming event. Download details here.

Project UNIFY School Activity Report
This report will capture information required for Project UNIFY grant reporting. It also provides an opportunity for feedback and will be used as a resource for future program ideas.
Questions that require an answer are marked with  *
1 * Please list any students involved in this activity. If it is a class project, please incdicate class (ex. Ms. Smith's 5th hour Leadership class).
2 * Activity title:
3 * Date(s):
4 * Location:
5 * Type of event (Check all that apply):

6 * Number of students with an intellectual disability who were involved:
7 * Number of students without an intellectual disability who were involved:
8 Media involved (if any):
9 * Briefly describe your activity. Include why you chose this activity, what you hoped to accomplish, the results of the activity, and your opinion as to its success.
10 * Outline, from beginning to end, steps you took to accomplish this event/activity.
11 Please use this as addition space to describe your process, if necessary.
12 * Supervising Teacher/Coach Name:
13 * Did you approve this activity?
14 * Please indicate any Project UNIFY grant money that was used for this activity. (If no money was used, enter $0.)