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The official Special Olympics Sports Rules for Equestrian shall govern all Special Olympics competitions.  As an international sports program, Special Olympics has created these rules based upon Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI) rules for equestrian found at http://www.fei.org. FEI or National Governing Body (NGB) rules shall be employed except when they are in conflict with the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for Equestrian or Article I.  In such cases, the Official Special Olympics Sports Rules for Equestrian shall apply. 



The following is a list of official events available in Special Olympics.

The range of events is intended to offer competition opportunities for athletes of all abilities. Programs may determine the events offered and, if required, guidelines for the management of those events. Coaches are responsible for providing training and event selection appropriate to each athlete’s skill and interest.

  • 1. Dressage
  • 2. Prix Caprilli
  • 3. English Equitation (required as a preliminary test)
  • 4. Stock Seat Equitation (required as a preliminary test)
  • 5. Western Riding
  • 6. Working Trails
  • 7. Showmanship at Halter/Bridle Classes
  • 8. Gymkhana Events
    • a. Pole Bending
    • b. Barrel Racing
    • c. Figure 8 Stake Race
    • d. Team Relays
  • 9. Drill Teams of twos and fours
  • 10.Unified Sports Team Relays
  • 11.Unified Sports Drill Teams


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SOI Rules

National Governing Body Rules: Federation Equestre Internationale (FEI)

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