General Session Certification

Thank you for your interest in becoming a coach. The General Session Certification is the first step to becoming an official Special Olympics coach. The certification process and quiz will take approximately 30 minutes.

Download the General Session Orientation materials. Read through the information. Click the Take the Quiz button and proceed with the quiz. Click submit when you are finished. A Special Olympics Missouri representative will contact you very soon with information about upcoming Sports Specific Training Session in your Area. Please take the time to fill out the evaluation that follows the quiz. This information will help Special Olympics Missouri make our coaches training sessions as effective and informative as possible.


Online Coaches' Courses

Special Olympics is offering two break-through online education resources for its coaches, aimed at improving the quality and consistency of Special Olympics’ coaches training worldwide. Special Olympics partnered with two leading sport coaching education providers: American Sport Education Program (ASEP) and the National Federation of State High Schools (NFHS) to develop and deliver Special Olympics-customized online courses that meet entry-level certification requirements for Special Olympics coaches.

Through the ASEP-offered Coaching Special Olympics Athletes online course, coaches will develop a better understanding of how people with intellectual disabilities learn and how they participate in sports. The course offers an overview of the coaching principles and successful techniques involved in working with Special Olympics athletes, as well as practical ideas that can be used during coaching. This course requires a $16.95 one-year membership fee, which also grants you access to all other Special Olympics and non-Special Olympics courses within ASEP. Special Olympics does not receive funds from this fee.  

The NFHS-offered Coaching Special Olympics Unified Sports®* course helps coaches understand and implement the most successful coaching strategies for this very special mix of teammates. The course features an introduction by former NFL quarterback, and Special Olympics supporter, Kurt Warner. *You will need to click the link, then create an account, then go back to the original link to take the course. This course is free. Please email after completing this course.

These courses represent much-needed web-based alternatives to traditional in-person trainings. Special Olympics PDF resources are referenced throughout the course, along with photos, audio, video, and narrated presentations.