Sports Management Advisory Council Regulations

1) The purpose of the Sport Management Advisory Council (SMAC) is to serve as an advisory group for all sports related issues. SMAC will discuss all sports related issues and give their recommendations to the Chief Sports Officer. The Chief Sports Officer will distribute these recommendations to the area directors for their input and will then meet with the President/CEO of Special Olympics Missouri. Together they will decide whether to adopt the recommendations as guidelines, rules, or to take them to the board to possibly be made policies.

2) The mission of the Sports Management Advisory Council is to advise the Chief Sports Officer in all sports and training issues to provide quality sports training and athletic competition to all Special Olympic Missouri athletes.

3) A chairperson and secretary shall be elected annually in June. No person shall serve more than 2 consecutive terms in either position.

4) SMAC will meet two times a year on or around the first weekend of Athlete Camp and the weekend of the SOMO Leadership Conference.

5) SMAC will be composed of anyone from within Special Olympics and shall have a minimum of two board members, two members from each area, three area directors, and one athlete.

6) Each member will serve a 2-year term with the option of serving another 2-year term at the end of the first 2 years. Once a member has served two consecutive terms she/he must sit out one calendar year before returning to SMAC, if there is a vacancy.

7) If any member misses two consecutive meetings, she/he shall be sent a letter from the Chief Sports Officer as a reminder that they must attend the next meeting or be removed from the council. There are no exceptions to this rule.

8) All SMAC recommendations that are adopted will not be effective as a rule or guideline until the next calendar year from the time of the meeting, unless it is an issue of safety, which will be effective immediately. This applies to all recommendations unless it is deemed that the recommendation be delayed becoming effective for more than one calendar year.

All Games held by Special Olympics Missouri must comply with the sports rules issued by the National Sports Governing Bodies except where those rules conflict with the Special Olympics Sports Rules (which then take precedence).

If you have a rule suggestion or question, please email Susan Shaffer or one of our SMAC Members.

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