Knights of Columbus and SOMO

Missouri Knights of Columbus accept $1.2 Million Challenge to raise funds for Training for Life Campus

For over 30 years, Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) and the Missouri Knights of Columbus have held a close partnership, together serving individuals with intellectual disabilities. Through this partnership, 16,000+ athletes across the state of Missouri are able to discover new strengths, abilities, skills and success through the power of sports in Special Olympics.

In 2014, the Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus decided to enhance our partnership with SOMO by accepting a challenge to raise $1,200,000 over six years to be used for the construction of the SOMO Training for Life Campus. The Training for Life Campus is a 34,000 square foot facility that is set on 16.5 acres centrally located in Jefferson City, Missouri and is the first facility of its kind in the world, dedicated to enriching the quality of life of the whole athlete on and off the sports field. In addition to offering year-round sports training through camps and programs, the Training for Life Campus houses four Healthy Athlete exam rooms that allow SOMO to offer more critical health screenings to its constituents than ever before. The Campus also offers an unlimited array of job-skills and leadership training for athletes through its Athlete Leadership Program. The Training for Life Campus is rightfully gaining attention from Special Olympics programs around the globe that are recognizing its extraordinary impact. This six year challenge is set to conclude on June 30, 2020. The Sports Education Multi-Media Center within the TLC carries the name Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus.  Click here to support their efforts

In addition, any Council who meets the recognition levels shown will receive permanent recognition within the Training for Life Campus. Each Council who meets a bronze, silver or gold level will be listed with the color of their medal: $25 (per member) for bronze, $50 (per member) for silver, $100 (per member) for gold and $200 (per member) for double gold. Individuals will be recognized for achieving a personal goal of $100 by receiving a “Champion of SOMO” pin. Any individual that achieves a personal goal of $50 will receive a “Friend of SOMO” pin. Click here to purchase a pin, or email Mary Niswonger if you have already achieved this level. 

The significant contribution of time, energy, and financial support from the Knights of Columbus members is of unsurpassed value to SOMO athletes. Learn more about the Missouri State Council Knights of Columbus at

Help the Knights of Columbus meet their $1 Million challenge and make the Training for Life Campus a reality