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Jeff Cook, World Games Final Leg: Days 5 & 6

Jeff Cook, a patrol supervisor with the O’Fallon Police Dept., was selected as Missouri’s representative for the 2015 Special Olympics World Games Law Enforcement Torch Run Final Leg. Cook will be providing updates on his adventures in Los Angeles as part of the Final Leg.

Day 5 – (what a day)
Stop 1 – Golden Gate Bridge
Stop 2 – San Francisco’s famous Pier 39
Stop 3 – San Fran Union Square
Stop 4 – San Fan City Hall
Stop 5 – San Fran Overlook
We up extremely early and nearly saw the sun rise at the Golden Gate Bridge. We made multiple stops and saw some great people. The highlight of the day was running down to Pier 39 and saw a line of middle school students along the road who had made up and were displaying posters with our names on them. Seeing all our names on posters put a lump in my throat. It was a long, fantastic day.

Day 5_1 Day 5_2

Day 6
Stop 1 – Stockton CA
Stop 2 – Modesto CA
Stop 3 – Fresno CA
Stop 4 – Visalia CA
As the days go by there seems to be less time to recap each event before running to the next one. We are logging our miles in some great cities and well received by so many. Our presence as we make our way though the city streets being people out of their shops and homes to see what this chanting was all about.

Though each location was unique, Fresno had one of the larger and more formal ceremonies of the day. We were blessed to be inside their city council chambers after running at in 100+ degree heat for the first couple stops. Gorgeous weather and the sunshine is a blessing, however, a little warmer than necessary.

Senior Constable Claire Hawthorn of New South Wales and athlete Nigel Davis of Jamaica spoke at this ceremony. They both did a bang up job and met their goal of spreading awareness in exemplary fashion. The community and law enforcement turn out was appreciated by everyone of us representing our programs at home and around the country.

Day 6_1` Day 6_2