Special events make our programming possible. Participants like you help raise the money it takes for us to plan and put on hundreds of trainings and competitions each year for thousands of athletes across the state of Missouri.

Unfortunately, there are still more than 100,000 people with intellectual disabilities who are not yet involved in our program.

There are many ways that you can help raise money for our program and help us reach those who are not yet involved in our program.

Do you have questions about fundraising? Email us!

Third-party events

Are you wanting to host an event of your own to raise money for Special Olympics Missouri athletes? You rock! In order to make the most of your event and partnering with SOMO, please fill out our form for third-party events.


Millions of people every year participate in peer-to-peer fundraisers where they ask people to donate money to their favorite causes in lieu of gifts for birthdays or holidays or to push them to accomplish an amazing feat like completing an marathon or Ironman. You can create your own campaign using our platform!

Events near you

If you'd rather join one of SOMO's already-existing events, we have plenty of choices for you there as well. You can contact your local office, check our calendar, or peruse our list of events organized by SOMO staff every year.