Fit 5

A guide to achieving fitness and your personal best with physical activity, nutrition, and hydration. Fit 5 aims to improve athlete health through a routine of exercising five times per week, eating fruits and vegetables five times per day, and drinking five bottles of water per day.


Staying physically active is an important part of training for sports and maintaining overall health. The bridge between health and fitness is top health and performance through sufficient nutrition, hydration, and physical activity.



Endurance can help you keep up with the demands of tough practices. 

Strong athletes perform better.

Stretches can be done anywhere.

Set a goal to workout 5-6 days a week and post it on our Facebook group!

It's easy to do 5 days of exercise in one week. Follow this sample exercise plan and see how easy it is to reach your goal.

Day of the week Activity Time Spent
Monday Special Olympics football practice
- stretched and did strength exercises during warm-ups
- walked and ran during practice
90 min

Tuesday Walked with a friend after work
Did balance exercises before bed
45 min
10 min
Wednesday Off  
Thursday Did a group exercise class
- ended the class with strength exercises and stretching
60 min
Friday Off  
Saturday Biked on a trail in the park 30 min
Sunday Walked with Mom
- did balance exercises after our walk
35 min


Give this at home workout a go!

- 10 jumping Jacks

Jumping Jack

- 10 sit-ups

Sit Up

- 10 push-ups

Push Up

- Rest for 1-2 minutes and start again. Try doing 4 rounds of this workout!

Food and Nutrition

Eating right is important to your health and your sports performance. 



Water is another important fuel for sports and for life. Drinking the right amount of water is important for your health and can also help your athletic performance.  

Water helps keep your body working properly.  

To help monitor your progress and track your Fit 5 goals, use a tracking sheet.