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50 Shivers contest
To celebrate the unveiling of our new website ( and to kickoff our year-long party celebrating our 50th anniversary as an organization in Missouri, we invite you to take part in a game of Where’s Shiver Bear? Your goal is to comb through our brand new website and find all 50 numbered photos of Shiver hiding throughout. Each Shiver on the website will have a number with it. Once you find that numbered Shiver, mark on this sheet where you found that numbered Shiver and then keep searching for all the others to win some awesome prizes! We have prizes for people who find at least 25 Shivers, so don’t feel too bad if you couldn’t find them all. The first person to get all 50 and turn in the form via will win something extra special. The contest runs from 10 a.m. Jan. 15 through 5 p.m. Jan 22. Thanks for participating and happy hunting!
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