Current Coaches


Coaches' meetings are held periodically by your Area Director. Make sure you attend these to stay current on rules, changes to events, and other topics. These are often communicated via Coaches Connections or on our calendar. Contact your Area Director if you cannot find the next date for a coaches' meeting.


Rosters, scoresheets, and other documents are required to send athletes to competition. Go to our Sports Offered page and find documents by clicking the specific sport. Alternatively, you can find all our sports documents in the sports document library.


One of your responsibilities is to make sure every athlete has a completed physical and consent form BEFORE they even step onto the practice field or court. This is a safety and liability issue and is SOMO policy. You should always keep your athletes' physical forms on hand during practices, competitions, and when traveling.

A few suggestions to help you manage this task:
-- Ask a parent to keep track of your physicals and when they are due to your area office.
-- Get a student to create a spreadsheet for you to track your athletes' physicals and their expiration dates.
-- Carry a file with you or make copies and keep a file in your trunk, just in case.
-- If your athletes play for another agency during a different sport season, share your documents with the other coach(es) and request they do the same.
-- Double check the physical form is filled out in entirety, so that it is not returned to you because of missing information.

    • Deadlines:
    • All NEW physicals will be due to SOMO HQ eight weeks prior to the state event in which the athlete will compete. NO athlete shall practice without a valid physical.

      Athlete physicals are valid for three years from the date they are signed by the examiner. Please note: area offices may adjust deadlines to be able to assure physicals are in the SOMO Headquarters by the above dates. 

      If you would like to have input on our policy regarding athlete physicals, please email them to

      Photo IDs

      Over the past few years we have also moved over to photo identification for all athletes. We have made great progress in this area, and we appreciate your patience with us as we make this transition. The majority of athletes have a photo ID, but any current athletes who do not have an ID need to submit a digital photograph as soon as possible. Contact your Area Director for details on how to do this. Any new athlete MUST submit a digital photograph at the same time they send in their physical and consent form.

      Photo IDs must be worn at all SOMO State events (and eventually all events) whenever the athlete is not competing. The purpose of photo IDs is to track meals to your team and to improve safety for everyone at events.

Coach Certification Process
 For more information on the coach certification process, which includes the possibility of online courses, click here.



Training Videos
 In order to make your job easier as a coach, SOMO has started the process of putting together training videos for specific sports and rules that are easier to understand by watching them in action. Click here to view the collection of those videos. If you have an idea for a training video, please let us know.