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Central Area Bocce by Larry Stephens

SOMO athlete Larry Stephens got a chance to tell his story about competing in the Central Area bocce tournament, as well as receiving his Charter Class letter jacket for raising over $5,000 for the Training for Life Campus. If you want to tell your story, visit

On October 10th, I got to the tournament and during opening ceremonies I got my letter jacket. My friend Shirlene got her class ring. I was surprised and had to be called a couple of time to play. Everyone wanted a picture with me.

I felt happy because I earned my jacket.
I played doubles with Kendall, our team is the Rolling Elvi. We lost our first game but won the second game. We earned a silver medal.

I ate lunch with the team.
My dad and I played unified doubles, our team name is Stephens Power. We lost the first game and won the second game. We tied for Gold.

When I got home pizza was for dinner since I had earned a gold medal.