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Bullying and Hate Should Not Be Tolerated: Why Ann Coulter’s Use of the R-word is Wrong

Andrew Mundwiller is an attorney with The Cagle Law Firm in St. Louis. He represents people with severe injuries and disabilities, focusing on protecting his clients’ legal rights and financial well-being. Andrew is also a member of SOMO’s Board of Directors.

During the Presidential debate on October 22, conservative author and commentator Ann Coulter stated on her Twitter account, “I highly approve of Romney’s decision to be kind and gentle to the retard.”  Coulter’s comment referred to President Obama as a “retard.”

The next day, John Franklin Stephens, a Special Olympics Athlete from Virginia wrote an open letter to Coulter addressing her use of the r-word and invited Coulter to attend a Special Olympics event. 

Thursday, Coulter was on the radio and was asked whether she regretted her use of the r-word.  Coulter said, “No of course I don’t.” Coulter further stated, “Liberal victims are the biggest bullies of all” and when referring to people who criticized her use of the r-word Coulter stated, “screw them.”

I am a volunteer board member for Special Olympics Missouri and I have a son with autism.  I am not willing to sit back and let people bully children and other human beings with intellectual disabilities.  So I felt it necessary to write this letter to you.

I am so confused by how accepted hate and bullying has become in this country.  How is it that Coulter and those like her feel it necessary to attack innocent human beings to further their personal and political agenda?

I am disgusted that someone who claims to be educated and on the moral high ground would choose to use such offensive and hurtful language to people that she has never met. Furthermore, when given a chance to say she was sorry, she added further insult and continued her use of the r-word.

There is no place in a civilized and modern society for the r-word.  Coulter used the word interchangeably with the word “loser.”   I am not sure how that could be so.  I have been to many Special Olympics events and I have never seen a loser. 

What I’ve seen are people who are my heroes.  People who never let life’s challenges get in their way.  I’ve seen people who possess the best qualities that a human being could have, like love and caring.

Ann Coulter had a real opportunity to address the use of the r-word.  Coulter had the chance to stick up for people and denounce bullying and hate, but Coulter refused.  Nobody can change Coulter or her feelings.  It is up to our community to say, “I am not okay with hate and bullying.”  “I am not going to tolerate people being hurtful.”  We are all members of this community.  Life is too short to live in a society where we hurt each other.