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Best Friends

The following poem was written for the Carl Junction Police Department by Jamie Lefler, an athlete from Carthage.

People say that I’m not normal
Whatever normal might be
I guess I know what they’re saying
When I take a good look at me.

Sometimes it’s hard to remember
Things that I’ve been taught
So people have to repeat themselves
And I ask the same questions a lot.

Others have trouble understanding me
When I start to talk
And people stare at me and snicker
About the funny way I walk.

But if I get down hearted
All I have to do
Is think about my best friends
Cause they are different too.

My best friends are policemen
Some are girls and some are guys.
People think that they’re not normal
That they have hearts of ice.

My policemen buddies are big and tough
And aren’t afraid of “bad guys”
But I know their hearts are warm inside
Cause I’ve seen tears come to their eyes.

They come to Special Olympics
Not for pay – they come for free
To cheer and hug and congratulate me.

So maybe policemen are not normal
And maybe I’m not normal too
But I feel proud and lucky
To have friends who are so true.