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Be extreme. Live fearless. Go Over the Edge! An interview with Marilyn Seaton

Being “too old” can no longer serve as an excuse to avoid going Over the Edge! 72-year-old Marilyn Seaton is walking proof. As she says, “Age is just a number.”

Marilyn became interested in going OTE after watching her friend scale the Four Seasons Hotel at Lumiere Place in St. Louis last year. Her friend was 71 at the time. Marilyn’s personal trainer, Steven Buckner, also encouraged her to give it a try. These two sources of inspiration, coupled with a background in supporting Special Olympics Missouri, convinced Marilyn to add “scaling a building” to her bucket list.

In order to cross it off her list, Marilyn was faced with two steps:

Step 1: Fundraise $1,000.

In typical Marilyn fashion, she has already surpassed the minimum and AND sailed past her goal of $3,000! Visit her fundraising page here.

“I work for the Missouri Legislature, so when word went out about me doing this, there became a little competition between my co-workers to see what they were going to do to help,” Marilyn says. Aside from having a little healthy competition at work, Marilyn also sought the support of friends and family. Marilyn found that people are quick to support Over the Edge because, “It is something different, fun, and for a good cause.”

Step 2: Prepare yourself, both physically and emotionally.

In order to do this, Marilyn’s personal trainer has been helping her increase her arm strength and has walked her through what she should expect. In fact, she is going get a little practice before the big day. “We are going to practice off of a 10 foot wall first,” Marilyn said. She can’t promise that she won’t have some jitters the morning of, but for now, Marilyn is not nervous.

Marilyn is a daring woman who can serve as inspiration. Don’t let your age or anything else become an obstacle; do something daring! Whether you have a bucket list to complete or just a desire to help others while doing something fun, we encourage you to challenge yourself by going Over the Edge!

Learn more about how you can go Over the Edge in one of three cities across the state.