March 6-8, 2020, ALPs University Registration
(at University of Missouri, Columbia)

Read more information about the university below and then when you're ready to register, scroll to the bottom of this page or click here.

Special Olympics Missouri ALPs Univ. schedule March 6-8, 2020 by SOMissouri on Scribd

Registration for athlete-leaders is $75. This includes all meals, housing and registration. Mentors do not have to pay to attend ALPs University. If you don't need housing or plan to stay somewhere on your own, registration is only $25 per athlete-leader.

CLASSES: Not sure what classes to take? Click here for a short description of every class in our lineup. See the
schedule above to reference what classes we're offering at THIS upcoming university because we don't offer all of the classes at every university.

Are you new to ALPs? If so, it's okay to think about what classes you're most interested in taking, but we really don't want you choosing a major until you have gone through the Intro to ALPs course. This class will help you figure out what you'd like to do and how you'd like to become a leader within our movement. You will choose your classes at the end of Intro to ALPs.

ATHLETE-LEADERS: We suggest that athlete-leaders find a mentor to help you through this process. A mentor is NOT mandatory if the athlete-leader thinks they can attend classes and complete the required homework without assistance. If you're signing up without a mentor, please email first.

If you already have a mentor, whether you are a returning athlete-leader or a new athlete-leader, please make sure your mentor can attend before you sign up. If you want a mentor and you're having trouble finding one to help you, email

You can attend for the whole weekend or just one or two classes; it's up to you. Just let us know if you can only attend a specific amount of time. If you leave early, the only thing you'll need to complete is the Intro class, which ends at noon on Saturday.

MENTORS: Parents CAN mentor their own child. If you are a volunteer and don't have an athlete-leader in mind to sign up with but still want to mentor someone, email

CURRENT STUDENTS (YOU'VE ATTENDED AN INTRO TO ALPs COURSE BEFORE): Please check in with Brandon once you register for an update on where you stand within ALPs University and when you could gradute. When you register, please mark what classes you're going to take. For a description on each class, click herePlease keep in mind that we prefer that you use the same mentor as before if possible. If you need to switch mentors, please email Brandon.

Also, returning students can come in Friday night if they'd like (we're now offering classes on Friday night, so don't miss out!), but do not need to register on campus until Saturday morning. You only have to attend for the days that you need classes, so pay special attention to the class schedule. You're more than welcome to still show up early and even take extra classes. 

Capstone students: If you have taken all the required classes in your major (at least 16 hours) and one elective (class outside your major -- at least four hours), then you are ready to take the Capstone courses. New to Fall 2018, we are requiring athlete-leaders to attend two four-hour Capstone courses before they can graduate. The first four-hour Capstone course is offered on Saturday afternoon. The second is offered on Sunday morning. The Capstone courses MUST be taken in order. It it NOT necessary that you attend both Capstones in the same weekend, although it is recommended that you do. If you think you have completed all of the courses required to enroll in the Capstone courses, email before you register so we can double check that is the case.

ROOMING: When you register, SOMO will set up your housing for you (included in the $75 registration fee). We will be staying at Stoney Creek Hotel, 2601 D. Providence Rd., Columbia. Each room will be double occupancy and have two beds. We will place you in a room with an athlete or mentor of the same gender if the paired mentor and athlete-leader aren't of the same gender. You will have the option of choosing your roommate or you can leave it blank and we will put you in a room with someone of the same sex (yay for making new friends!). If you don't plan on staying in the hotel, the registration fee to attend ALPs University is only $25 and covers snacks/food and paper copies. If you need a handicap room, please make sure you note that when you register.

PAYMENT: We prefer all registrations and payments be processed online via the registration below, but if you need to send a check, please put "ALPs March 2020" in the memo line) and send it to 711 W. McCarty St., Jefferson City, MO 65101. No money will be collected on-site of the University. If an athlete-leader cannot afford to attend, scholarships are available. 

DEADLINE: Registration deadline is Feb. 10.


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