What is an ALPs mentor?

Mentor class: During the first hour of ALPs University, every mentor will attend a class laying out their expectations and requirements as mentors. But if you have questions before you sign up, please email us.

Ask if they need help: More than anything, a mentor is there to assist the athlete-leader ONLY when it is needed. A mentor isn't there to do the work for them, but to help them find what they're looking for and to be a critical part of the feedback process. Mentors aren't supposed to coddle the athlete-leader and give them only nice feedback, they need to be confident and okay with being critical, knowing that in the end the athlete-leader will be better for it. If the athlete-leader needs assistance in the class or with their practicum, it's okay to step in and help, but always ask the athlete-leader for permission first instead of just doing it for them.

Time commitment: Depending on what major your athlete-leader selects, you could see anywhere between 5-10 hours per month of work in the four months following the ALPs University you attend. You could attend at most two universities per year. Athlete-leaders will need to attend at least THREE universities before they can graduate. They are allowed to skip up to four in a row if the dates don't fit their schedules.

Interested, but don't know a SOMO athlete to mentor? Send us your information and we'll follow up with you!

For more information:  Email Schatsiek@somo.org.