If you are a current athlete-leader or mentor enrolled in ALPs, you're in the right place. If you are someone who hasn't been involved yet, please go to this page.

2020 dates:
March 6-8 at the University of Missouri in Columbia
Nov. 21-22 -- VIRTUALLY   Registration is open now!
Dec. 12-13 -- VIRTUALLY   Registration is open now!

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How do we train leaders?

The way in which we train our SOMO athletes to become athlete-leaders is through ALPs University. This is a weekend-long educational program for people with intellectual or developmental disabilities that offers classes in a variety of leadership topics. 

How often: We hold two ALPs Universities per year and will announce the dates and locations here as they become available. Athlete-leaders will need to attend at least THREE universities before they can graduate. They are allowed to skip up to four in a row if the dates don't fit their schedules.

Next ALPs U: The NEXT ALPs University is scheduled for Nov. 21-22 and Dec. 12-13 and both will be offered virtually through Zoom. This is a great way to still take some Athlete Leadership courses from the comfort of your own homes! Registration is open now!

Each athlete MUST check with their mentor BEFORE they can register. Transportation to and from the location of the classes is on your own.

Questions: Please email Brandon Schatsiek.



Parents are able to mentor their own children in ALPs. We hope this change makes it easier for our athletes to go through the program and become the leaders they want to.

Ask if they need help: More than anything, a mentor is there to assist the athlete-leader ONLY when it is needed. A mentor isn't there to do the work for them, but to help them find what they're looking for and to be a critical part of the feedback process. Mentors aren't supposed to coddle the athlete-leader and give them only nice feedback, they need to be confident and okay with being critical, knowing that in the end the athlete-leader will be better for it. If the athlete-leader needs assistance in the class or with their practicum, it's okay to step in and help, but always ask the athlete-leader for permission first instead of just doing it for them.

Time commitment: Depending on what major your athlete-leader selects, you could see anywhere between 5-10 hours per month of work in the four months following the ALPs University you attend. You could attend at most two universities per year. Athlete-leaders will need to attend at least THREE universities before they can graduate. They are allowed to skip up to four in a row if the dates don't fit their schedules.



Course Map

The course map below gives you an idea of what classes we offer. While we don't offer all of these classes at every ALPs University, there's a good chance we will offer each class at least once per year. For a full list of all the classes ALPs University offers, including full descriptions for each class, click here.


Practicum Tracking

For those of you who have completed an ALPs University session, you will need to complete a practicum (homework) before you can move on to the next course in your major. Each class has its own specific lesson plan and practicum, but all of them must be completed three weeks before the very next University session.

If you ever have questions about your practicum while you are working on it, please don't hesitate to reach out to your instructors who taught that specific class. If you aren't sure who your instructor is, please check your athlete-leader handbook.

Won't complete your practicum in time?: It is completely on you and your mentor to make sure the practicum is finished in the time that's allowed. If there are extenuating circumstances that do not allow you to complete your practicum in time, you may fill out a request for an extension. If you don't ask for an extension and don't complete the practicum in time, you won't receive credit for the class. You will either have to finish the required practicum AND complete an extra task or two OR not receive credit for that class. If you have extenuating circumstances that will not allow you to complete your practicum (family emergencies, hospitalizations, etc.), please communicate with Brandon as soon as you think you may not complete your practicum on time. He will then evaluate your situation.

Completed practicum?: To show that you completed your practicum, you must fill out the practicum tracker paper version for every class you've taken. For example, if you take three classes, you will fill out three separate practicum forms and send each one to the instructor of that class (their contact information will be in that class's handbook). They will sign it and forward to SOMO and then it's out of your hands. IF you do not hear back from your instructor that they received your practicum, please check in with them. DO NOT ASSUME that they received it and you have passed. Make the effort to ensure they received and signed off on your practicum.

If you have questions, just email Brandon.