Strategic Plan

Every three years a committee is selected to create a strategic plan for the next three years. With the mission in mind, the strategic plan sets the tone for everything from the budget, to staff and board expectations, to how events are run. Below is the overarching strategic plan for 2016-2018 and the specific objectives for the 2016 plan.


Board Approved January 16, 2016

Remain a premier Special Olympics program worldwide and become a charity of choice in Missouri.


Grow athlete participation and qualified volunteers to support expanded programs (Athlete Leadership Programs, Healthy Athletes, Unified Sports, Young Athletes and Traditional sports).

  • Identify and train a Unified Sports Commissioner.
  • Ensure a minimum of five athletes and five mentors from each area attend Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) University.

Expand Athlete Leadership Programs (ALPs) to make athlete involvement a more whole-person experience resulting in active leaders.

  • Conduct two ALPs Universities.
  • Develop one new curriculum for ALPs University.

Expand Healthy Athletes to deliver programs for more athletes statewide.

  • Conduct Healthy Athletes screenings at two Area Spring Games
  • Recruit and certify health professionals as Healthy Athletes clinicians in at least three disciplines.


Ensure the TLC is fully funded and operational.

  • Complete successful capital campaign by December 31, 2016.
  • Secure $3.6M in additional pledges, donations and in-kind.
  • Ensure final architectural specs have SOMO Board approval.

Ensure comprehensive programming strategy for TLC.

  • Develop a plan and secure Mid-Missouri medical community partnership for Healthy Athletes Programs in TLC.

Develop and implement transition plan for headquarters and central offices into TLC.


Grow our partnerships and foster relationships through positive constituent experiences.

  • Develop a major gifts program to support SOMO operations for 2017 and beyond.
  • Develop a SOMO customer service program.
  • Ensure necessary staffing to create a quality sponsor/partner experience at all SOMO events.
  • Increase sponsorships for state and area games.

Make “the ask” part of our culture.

  • Develop a plan to ensure annual ask of parents, coaches and volunteers.
  • Redefine the board ambassador program to include recruitment of new sponsors.

Grow signature events through enhanced marketing and advertising.

  • Implement a marketing plan with enhanced advertising and promotional resources.
  • Recruit a media personality for involvement in each area and statewide signature event.

Ensure resources to actively manage risk and liability.

  • Ensure SOMO staff is aware of all risk management procedures.
  • Develop a risk management education piece for event planning committees.
  • Review HR policies and practices to minimize risk and liability.


Utilize technology to further engage volunteers and families.

  • Offer opportunities to event volunteers to make a donation online.
  • Implement new online volunteer registration system.
  • Provide technology training to improve efficiencies.

Increase youth engagement.

  • Secure a partnership with MSHSAA to expand youth programming.
  • Provide a Unified Sports clinic at MASC 2016 district meetings.

Discover annual fundraising opportunities utilizing social media.

  • Develop a task force to research social media opportunities to enhance fundaising.