SOMO Endowment Fund

Creating a legacy of support through planned giving

Making a donation through a planned gift is a great way to create a legacy of support for Special Olympics Missouri (SOMO) while providing for your own future. Through the SOMO Endowment Fund, you can make a thoughtfully planned gift that benefits athletes today and well into the future.

Your gift will also go a long way toward changing views about people with intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics Missouri works to encourage acceptance of people with intellectual disabilities by creating and sharing experiences where they can grow, enjoy the health benefits of physical exercise, and become productive, respected members of our society.

Give thousands more athletes a chance to be great
Currently, SOMO's programs and services benefit more than 16,900 athletes with intellectual disabilities. With the help of the SOMO Endowment Fund, the organization can touch thousands more across the state of Missouri. An estimated 90,000 Missourians could be reached by SOMO if additional resources were available.

Participation in Special Olympics is a life-changing experience for many athletes. For many, it is their first opportunity to be part of a team and work cooperatively toward a goal. These athletes take their experiences back into the community as they become more effective and productive at school, work, and home. The effect of your thoughtfully planned gift will touch local athletes and families for years to come. Read some of their inspiring stories.

Consider a planned gift to help SOMO athletes tomorrow
Through the SOMO Endowment Fund, our supporters have an opportunity to make planned and major gifts, as well as contributions. Stock, real estate, and life insurance policies are popular ways to consider contributing to the SOMO Endowment Fund. Individuals of all financial circumstances can participate in and benefit from our planned giving program.   Depending upon the assets and the gift arrangement selected, a donor can expect to obtain some or all of the following benefits:

  • Fulfill philanthropic goals
  • Reduce income tax through a deduction for the gift
  • Avoid capital gain tax on the gifts of long-term appreciated property
  • Retain a stream of payments for life for the donor and other beneficiaries
  • Increase disposable income
  • Eliminate federal estate tax on property passing to charity upon donor’s death
  • Reduce cost and time in estate settlement

As a donor of a planned gift, you'll enjoy substantial tax benefits, potential for income genereration, and a way to satisfy your personal and financial goals. Click here to learn more about how to consider gifts of:

Many gifts to the SOMO Endowment Fund, a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization, provide tax benefits or even produce income. All the money raised in Missouri, stays in Missouri to support our programs in the areas of competition, sports and training, development, outreach, and family and public education.

The creation of the SOMO Endowment Fund marks the beginning of a solid plan to impact SOMO athletes, coaches and families for years to come. Explore the benefits of planned giving through the SOMO Endowment Fund today.

We encourage you to consult with your own tax and legal advisors regarding the tax implications of particular gifts.  To learn more about the SOMO Endowment Fund and ways you can create a legacy of support, click here or contact Brian Neuner at 573-635-1660.