Effective Tuesday, July 16, 2013, the Northeast Area will be realigned to the North Area (formerly Northwest Area) and the Central Area. 



Why are we realigning the NE Area?
By realigning the NE Area, it will provide greater opportunities for more competitive competition at the area level for the athletes. Due to the size of the Northeast Area, it was difficult to offer area competition in several different sports. By realigning the area, athletes will now have the opportunity to participate in the following area competitions:

  • Aquatics
  • Bocce
  • Flag Football
  • Golf
  • Softball
  • Tennis
  • Volleyball

If my agency is now in the North Area, who will I work with on staff with SOMO?
Those agencies shifting to the North Area will work with SOMO Team Member, Katie Hrenchir, Program Manager.

If my agency is now in the Central Area, who will I work with on staff with SOMO?
Those agencies shifting to the Central Area will work with SOMO Team Member, Diane Brimer, Program Director.

What will happen to the competitions that are currently held in the Northeast Area?
The two largest competitions held in Kirksville will remain, Area Bowling and Area Spring Games. Katie Hrenchir, North Program Manager will manage the Area Bowling in Kirksville. Diane Brimer, Central Program Director will manage the Area Spring Games in Kirksville. Northeast Area agencies will have the opportunity to participate at either of the following Area Basketball tournaments:

  • North Area Basketball in Maryville
  • Central Area Basketball in Columbia

What will happen to the Polar Plunges in the Northeast Area?
The Northeast Area Polar Plunges will still take place in Hannibal, Kirksville and Mexico and will be managed by Tim Schuster, Sports Marketing Director. Your support of these plunges is greatly appreciated as they will still continue to support your athletes.

Where do I send my State Games Assessments?
Send your State Games Assessments to your new area program staff.

Northeast County Realignment:

  • Adair: North
  • Audrain: Central
  • Chariton: Central
  • Clark: North
  • Knox: North
  • Lewis: North
  • Linn: North
  • Macon: Central
  • Marion: Central
  • Monroe: Central
  • Putnam: North
  • Ralls: Central
  • Randolph: Central
  • Schuyler: North
  • Scotland: North
  • Shelby: North
  • Sullivan: North

In an effort to maintain consistency in our database, new agency numbers have been assigned as follows:

  • 99.002 Unstoppable Dawgs, Central: 66.014
  • 99.004 Westran, Central: 66.015
  • 99.005 Highland, North: 88.008
  • 99.018 Mexico Schools, Central: 66.017
  • 99.019 Moberly Schools, Central: 66.035
  • 99.023 Schuyler County, North: 88.023
  • 99.026 Kirksville Schools, North: 88.026
  • 99.027 Kirksville Wolfpack, North: 88.027
  • 99.028 Tri-CAHP, North: 88.028
  • 99.034 Macon Schools, Central: 66.034
  • 99.035 Hannibal Hawks, Central: 66.043
  • 99.037 Magic City Olympians, Central: 66.047
  • 99.049 Putnam County, North: 88.052
  • 99.051 Shelby County Red Storm, North: 88.053 


Area Contact Information

Central Area
Diane Brimer, Program Director
903 Old 63 North Suite A
Columbia, MO 65201
573.256.6367 (office) 573.256.6369 (fax)

North Area
Katie Hrenchir, Program Manager
520 Francis St, Fifth Floor
St. Joseph, MO 64501
816.233.6232 (office) 816.233.0130 (fax)