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Thanks to these cause marketing partners, you have access to special deals! 


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Be a Cause Marketing Partner

This is a growing source of marketing partnerships where companies want a limited association with Special Olympics through a cause marketing campaign tied to sales. This means that a donation is offered when your customers make a purchase. Companies at this level are able to conduct a themed campaign during a 3-month promotional timeframe only.

A couple of examples:

1. Selling our paper Torch Run Icons or Polar Bear Icons for $1 each at your place of business during a specific 3-month window. This can be company wide or in specific locations in Missouri. One store In Florida in 2006 sold $1 million dollars worth! Customers get into it and you can create friendly competition among your stores or associates.

2. During the months of December and January, a company chooses a specific product to highlight in ads and at POP displays, where a specific percentage of each purchase goes to Special Olympics Missouri. This would be particularly good during our high peak times of the year for events due to media exposure. Peak times of the year currently are: February, April, May, and November.

3. Car dealerships – select the weekend of their local Special Olympics Spring Games to donate $100 for every car purchased that weekend.

4. Local grocery store – contact your vendors and ask that they donate x % of your sales once per year to Special Olympics. They donate the money, and your store and their products would gain publicity from this promotion in your ads, at POP’s and from Special Olympics.

The ideas are limitless. Please contact Brian Neuner to discuss how your company can become a marketing partner with Special Olympics Missouri.