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My Story: Becca Tincknell Pt. 2

My story is about when I traveled to New Jersey for Special Olympics for USA Games in 2014. The Special Olympics was very fun to be there it was amazing. There was few celebrities like Uno’s of wrestling a female wrestler, a boardwalk like the beach. Kathy was my coach was from 2003, I played bocce. Team Missouri watched girls basketball game at Princeton, New Jersey with our parents. My team members are Courtney, Linda, Morgan, Melissa, Jeanie, Scott, Mike, Lonny, Reese, Matt. We all won a lot of medals we even had a slogan “show me show me show me show me show me mo. mo. mo. mo. mo.” All of our fans kept on saying that slogan even my little nephew says the slogan. He even plays bocce when I teach him the game. Melissa moved to New York to be close to her family, Jeanie still talks to her on Facebook. Melissa’s mom and my parents and head coach went out for lunch against team PA, New Jersey, Minn.During one day of competition I got sunscreen lotion in my eyes. My coach name is Kathy. I got a gold silver and a fourth place ribbon.
Your Athlete Becca Tincknell

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