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2024 Gary Brimer Sports Camp — Day 4

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Thursday June 20, 2024- Day Four 

Lynna Hodgson (athlete leader/PR assistant) — Wow what a day! I started with my morning routine, then loaded the bus and headed to campus.

While I went around to each group, I noticed a huge improvement in every sport/ class that they did! I was so happy for everyone, they are doing so well!

The sports they played this morning were softball, flag football, tennis and powerlifting. Something in me felt so excited when I would see the athletes actually play the specific sport they practiced for 3 days. Seeing them shine and excel in those sports the last full day is amazing!

After lunch we all got on the bus and headed to our afternoon activity at Turkey Creek. The athletes got to do the following activities: 

  • fishing
  • archery/ big cornhole
  • mini golf
  • Crafts
  • Golf (driving range)

As I went every activity, I could see the smiling faces as they enjoyed the different activities.

Fishing was a big hit. A few fishes were caught, which was exciting. I even got to try archery & fishing. 

Then we came back to the dorms to get ready for the dance. The dance was off the chain! Everyone was enjoying their time.

My final thought for day is just wow, it was a great day! Everyone enjoyed their time during the afternoon activities and at the dance.

Tomorrow is the final day of camp. I’m sure everyone will have mixed feelings, but that’s what sports camp is. Everyone is unsure at the beginning of the camp and when it’s over they don’t want to leave.