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2024 Gary Brimer Sports Camp: Day 3

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Wednesday June 19, 2024- Day Three

Lynna Hodgson (athlete leader/PR assistant) — This morning I didn’t want to wake up when my alarm went off. But I got up and did my morning routine and then met up with a group to eat breakfast. I got on the bus with everyone and we headed to Training for Life Campus (TLC). I set my stuff down in a safe place and took my meds so I was ready to go for the day.

When the morning activities started, I first went outside to watch some athletes play some softball. They were getting really good, and even hitting off the tee. It is amazing how much better some of the athletes are getting in such a short period of time. I saw some of the athletes encouraging each other and helping each other when they need it. I really love seeing that.

Next I went to flag football (which was on the other side of the field). They practiced passing the football and then they wore flags around their waist. They were really excited!

Then I went inside to see some athletes showing off some muscles! It was amazing to see them lift. I even got to try it. I was like “WOW!” I actually did that.

After a while I went to the gym to watch some tennis. I saw some great work going in there. Seeing my brother play tennis and seeing him improve makes my heart so happy!

The last activity I went to in the morning was the Athlete Leadership class (ALP’s). It’s  always fun to see this class. I have always loved ALP’s because it gives the athletes an opportunity to expand their minds and broaden their horizon!

During the afternoon sessions, the campers got to play kickball, pickleball, receive free health screenings, and play disc golf. It was hot outside, but that didn’t stop these athletes from having a great time!

After the afternoon sessions, we had dinner. Then after dinner was the evening activity – which was relay night.  

All I can say is wow what a fun evening! The relays were so fun to watch. Everybody was laughing and having a great time! All the relays were under the sea themed. I love to see the athletes having fun, and cheering on everyone else. And some of the races were so funny. This night definitely won’t be forgotten. At the end of the night, we got some ice cream and watched an interview that happened earlier today. It was a good day!

My favorite part of the day, would have to be when we did the relays. It was so funny! We all had the greatest time! Bring on day four!