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2024 Gary Brimer Sports Camp: Day 2

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Tuesday June  18, 2024

Lynna Hodgson (athlete leader/PR assistant) — I woke up before the alarm agin.  I did my morning routine. I had breakfast with a group of friends and then got on the bus with the rest of the athletes and staff. During the bus ride to Training for Life Campus (TLC), I could tell everyone was very excited and talkative. I was starting to wondering what they had for breakfast. Lol.

So the morning routine was the same as yesterday’s. Except today, tennis was inside.  As I went through every group, I could tell everyone was improving in each sport.

The thing that brought a smile to my face was seeing the athletes so happy that they did something correct or when they were cheering on their teammates and showing great sportsmanship.  

Just with a day, each athlete was improving, and I could tell by their faces that they were excited about that!

After the morning session, we all got on the bus to go to the cafeteria and have lunch. I sat with a new group of people today. I asked them “What was your favorite sport so far?” One athlete responded with “Tennis” and when I asked why, he said, “I actually hit the ball with my tennis racket!”

My favorite moment from the morning session was when I saw athlete, Jesse Hodgson, playing tennis. He did so well and had a huge smile on his face the whole time! 

After the R&R time, the afternoon activity started. We had the same activities from yesterday. Kickball was outside, and I could tell that it was the athlete’s favorite game of the day.

The camp staff surprised the campers by squirting them with water guns and cooling them off while running drills.

We also had a little dance party, and the campers love to dance!

Kayla and I recorded several videos of campers and coaches for a project for the 2026 USA Games!  

The best part of my afternoon activity was when I saw the athletes smiling while dancing. They didn’t care who was around or watching, they just danced.

The evening activity for today was game night. The athletes got to choose from bingo, trivia or karaoke. It was a blast!

We also had a camper birthday today, so we sang happy birthday to her.

Day two is over and we can’t wait for day three!