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2024 Gary Brimer Sports Camp: Arrival Day

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Sunday June 16, 2024

Lynna Hodgson (athlete leader/PR assistant) — My brother and I arrived at the Training for Life Campus (TLC) at 4:30pm. We were welcomed, got our name tags and gave our meds to the nurse. Then Jesse went to find his group. There are a little over 50 athletes at sports camp this year.

Everyone had a chance to meet the other campers and participate in ice breakers. Then we had dinner, which was hot dogs (the hot dogs were huge), baked chips, cookies and salad. It was very yummy. After everyone was done eating, we started the evening activities.

The activities were get to know each other games. So the athletes went around and asked each other questions to try to get a bingo.

I could tell the athletes were having fun. It was great to see them interact with each other.

The other game was called “this or that”. There were 4 areas, and the athletes would have to pick which area they would choose. One of the questions was, “What is your favorite season, fall, winter, summer, spring?”

After the games, we had a little dance party. I loved seeing all the athletes having fun!

Then we all took turns to get a ride back to the dorms. Everyone unpacked their belongings and then got ready for sleep.

Tomorrow is day one of camp, and it will be early. Let the fun begin!