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2022 USA Games: Day 5 of Competition

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Team Missouri capped off its fifth and final day of competition at the USA Games on a high note.

Our Warrenton flag football team took home the gold medal in thrilling fashion. You can watch the game-winning touchdown as time expired in the video below.

Our other flag football team also placed on the podium, taking home bronze.

It was a busy day at the awards center for Team Missouri. You can see several of our athletes and teams receive their medals in the video below.

Team Missouri will participate in the Closing Ceremony on Saturday at 6:30 p.m., and we will head back home on Sunday!


Mariah Lucero – 100 Freestyle (5th place)
Gaige Wolthis – 50 Freestyle (2nd)
Anna McDaniel – 50 freestyle (4th)
Abigail Bax – 50 freestyle (2nd)
Drew Thompson – 50 freestyle (3rd)

Alyias Bass – 200 run (7th)
Andrew Hutinger – 200 m run (6th)
Brent Kampert – 200 m run (4th)
Elvis Snyder – Javelin (2nd) – 200 run (5th)
Janel Ronneburg – 200 meter run (6th)
Kayla Brewer – Shot Put (4th place)
Fadraon Anderson – 200 m run (6th)

Kenneth Walz (Singles)- bronze
Florica Gault (Singles)- silver

Flag Football:
KC Flag Football – bronze
STL Flag Football – Gold


Mariah Lucero (swimming): I compete in the 100 freestyle and got 5 place but I’m getting it tomorrow night.

Shaquana Lowry (bowling): Went well got my GOLD medal today! I’m so very proud of my unified partner.

Michael Morhmann (flag football): We did amazing job at Offense and defense we played At our best to get gold and we were down literally within like a few seconds left in the game And we made a touchdown in like one second left on the clock It was very inspiring game for sure The coaches did amazing job at coaching us We worked hard all year round we were at team branch all year around and we practice every Sunday all year around The practices was deafly not easy but hard work always pays off.

Jody Davis (track and field): Today I received the last award for my mini javelin. I received 5th. We them watched follow athletes get there medals, I got glasses I had no idea how bad my vision had gotten from the last USA games in 2018.

Florica Gault (tennis): Today I play Single. I did good. I got silver and Fourth for doubles and it was fun.

Lynna Hodgson (PR Assistant): Day Eight Friday June 10, 2022 This morning my alarm went off at 5pm. I got ready and left the room. I met up with the swimmers, we went to breakfast and then took a shutter to the swimming venue. They don’t start until 9am. We got here at 9:10am. I checked in the media, they told me where I could go and the places I shouldn’t stand to take pictures. I met up with Kayla at swimming venue. We grabbed lunch and ate on the shuttle. We got back on the shuttle and went to the award’s venue. We split up to cover footage. We came back to the campus. And grabbed lunch then went back to the awards venue. We got all of the photos and videos, and we saw our friend, the famous Brandon Schatsiek! He was helping hanging out awards. It was a fun day! I got to go through fit feet! I was really happy about that! Another day tomorrow!