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2022 USA Games: Day 1 of Competition

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Day 1 of competition is in the books at the 2022 USA Games! Team Missouri did an amazing job all day long.

Several of our track and field athletes set personal records this morning.

  • Fadraon Anderson ran a 1:06 in the 400 meters – five seconds better than his previous best.
  • Brent Kampert ran a 1:16 in the 400 meters – five seconds better than his previous best.
  • Andrew Hutinger ran a 1:10 in the 400 meters – ten seconds better than his previous best.
  • Jody Davis ran a :31 in the 100 meter walk – eight seconds better than her previous best.

In aquatics – Logan Hulett took 20 seconds off of his state time in the 100 meter backstroke.

Team Missouri did a great job on the bocce courts as well. Coach Terri Dalls said some our ladies singles athletes scored in double digits!

Our tennis teams battled some serious heat outside. They had to suspend play this afternoon because the court temperature was over 100 degrees. Competition eventually got back underway.

Our two flag football teams also competed this morning. Check out some of the highlights below, including a MUST-SEE one-handed catch from Austin Rippeto.

In three-on-three hoops action – our Kirksville team got things started with a big win over Maryland! Check out some of the highlights below.

SOMO Competition Day 1 Results:

Aquatics: started preliminaries today.
Athletics: Shyanne- 7:45 in 1500m
Liam- 6:09 in 1500m
Kayla- 1:41 in 400m
Fadaron- 1:06 in 400m personal best
Andrew- 1:12 in 400m personal best
Brent- 1:46 in 400m personal best
Jodi- 10:50 in 50m walk
Shaunna- 9:87 in 50m walk
Jody- 31:15 in 100m walk personal best
Shaunna- 36:94 in 100m walk
Shyanne- 3:45 in 800m
Fadaron- 4.01 in long jump
Alyias- 4.28 in long jump
Liam- 2.24 in long jump
Kayla- 7.04 in shot put
Elvis- 12.97 in mini javelin throw
Andrew- 24.21 in mini javelin throw for a personal best
Basketball: Kirksville Team (Prelims day 1)Loss Game 1  MO 16-Florida 18 & Loss Game #2, MO 14 – Minnesota 20
Warrenton Team- (Prelims day 1) Won versus Maryland 20-14 & Loss versus Alabama 10-20

Larin- 0-2
Morgan- 1-1
Jennifer- 1-1(tiebreaker)
Nick- 2-0
Tony- 2-0
Derek- 0-0
Joe- 1-1 (tiebreaker)
Nicole- 2-0
Grace- 0-2
Lizzy- 2-0
Shirlene- 1-0


Bowler NameQualifying Total PinsQualifying 6/6 AverageBook Average Submitted:Above or below average
Zach566189Book: 1965% below 
Jim521174Book: 1803% below
Robbie485162Book: 20023% below
Jeremy453151Book: 18723% below
Patrick439146Book: 1503% below 
Nick P399133Book: 14610% below
Shaquana392131Book: 15015% below
Stephanie390130Book: 1322% below 
Brooke363121Book: 15629% below
Jessica358119Book: 11210% above 
Bea361120Book: 13513% below 
Brandon351117Book: 14927% below
Linda349116Book: 13416% below
Nick S326109Book: 13524% below
Alaina309103Book: 11613% below 
Angie305102Book: 13835% below

Ken Walz (Singles) Lost 0-6, 0-6
Florica Gault (Singles) Won 6-0, 6-1


Drew Thompson (swimming): I had a great time at Magic Kingdom today. I rode the Space Mountain and said it was fun and scary. Me and my team did great swimming today, but don’t know if we qualified to swim tomorrow. I enjoyed the ceremony yesterday and thought the music and Disney characters were fun but thought it was great walking out and hearing the cheers for Missouri.

Mariah Lucero (swimming): So today I swim the 4×50 relay and we made the finals and then after we went to magic kingdom and rode some rides like space mountain and speedway And had a root beer float and then went for dinner.

Jody Davis (track and field): Today started before the sun 🌞 came up. I had prelims for my 50 meter and 100 meter race. I shave 8 seconds of my 100 meter time! We then went to healthy athletes and did the fit feet and healthy promotions. We ended the night with stretching and a light javelin practice before bed!

Brooke White (bowling): We went to the bowling alley today and then we came back to the rooms then we healthy athletes then came and eat dinner then went to the little store and then came back to the rooms and went to the tents.

Lynna Hodgson (PR athlete-leader): Day Four June 6, 2022 This morning my alarm went off at 5am. Thank goodness I got everything ready last night! Got ready and headed to breakfast. I was supposed to meet Kayla at 5:15am. She called me on the way and asked if I had breakfast, I had to ask if I’m going the right way to breakfast, and I was. This morning Kayla and I are with the golf team this morning. Let’s go team MO! Wow what a morning! Golf team did awesome! There was a lot of walking! I’m already hit 20,000 steps and it’s 2:17pm. I loved seeing the athletes faces when they know they did a great job. And I didn’t get LOST! That’s a big plus! In the afternoon, I went back to my room. The evening activity was the unified competition. It was neat to see; we saw Drew McIntyre (WWE) and saw Tim Shriver.