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2022 USA Games: Arrival Day

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Greetings from Orlando, Florida! Below is a compilation of Team Missouri athlete recaps from today, June 4 — the arrival day!

Lynna Hodgson (PR Assistant): I woke up before my alarm, wow you wouldn’t know, first time for everything right lol. I woke up at 7am, I got up and got ready, packed up. Looked over my speech again, and got on Facebook. I saw all of the pictures of team MO posted about the send off parties, I felt so happy to see smiling faces! Today is when Allen (my dwells SOMO health messenger) and I will share our health story to an upcoming sponsors. So that’s exciting, it’s already 73 here. And I looked at the forecast, and it’s calling clouds and more clouds, and rain this morning. Hopefully that’s it for the rain while we are here (crossing my fingers). Wow what a day, we spoke in front of the volunteers, had lunch and dessert. We took a Uber back to the hotel, we met up work Coach Dana. We waited until team MO came in, cheer them on when they came. They were 3 different groups, as we saw other states, we traded states, the team MO went on a scavenger hunt. After we had dinner, we met up with the rest of PR team, and got our name tags, then we went back where our teams was at, and just visited, then Kayla and Rachel and I walked around and sight seeing. And now we are getting ready for tomorrow, tomorrow is the opening ceremony!

Michael Mohrmann (flag football): I feel very very exited to be here and to show how I play.

Brooke White (bowling): Today we had to get on two different flights then came here and did some activities and came to the rooms and eat dinner and hang out with friends.

Mariah Lucero (swimming): So I flew to Florida in the private airplane and then we got here and hangout until all of our Team Missouri people got here.

Morgan Coombe (bocce): The bocce group got to the hotel and it is really super cool. The competition is at Orlando that we have fun!

Jody Davis (track and field): Today we left for USA games! I was so excited I didn’t sleep much. We got up early had breakfast an headed to the airport. We were able to meet an hang out with the Kansas delegation as we had the same flight. When we finally landed we were met with cheer an Applause!! We finally got to Disney and our beautiful rooms. Finished the night listen to a live band.