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2018 Team Missouri Newsletter: FINAL WRAP-UP

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Final Team Missouri Newsletter

Team MO Magic Newsletter

Now that we’ve all had a chance to catch up on sleep that we missed while we were in Seattle, we wanted to take the opportunity to put everything into one final newsletter for all of our Team Missouri delegates and fans so they didn’t miss anything.

I really appreciate the hard work that you put into your training for Team Missouri.
Coaches, sport managers and staff, I know that you put in a lot of extra time above and beyond the coaching and work duties. All of your training and hard work over the past year resulted in a huge success for your personally and the team as a whole. Everyone did a great job contributing your talents and skills to the team. I’m looking forward to 2022 in Orlando!

All of the photos from the week have been uploaded to Facebook and are in albums separated by the day. If you are looking for full high-resolution photos that you can download and make prints of, please visit our Flickr page.

We wrote A LOT of blog posts during our time in Seattle and they covered a wide range of perspectives from newbies who had never been to a USA Games before to experienced veterans. We had athletes, coaches, staff members and fans all write for us. If you missed any of the blogs, never fear as you can catch up on all of them at our WordPress site.

Some new posts that were written since we sent out the final newsletter from Seattle a couple of weeks ago:

For the first time in Special Olympics Missouri history, we took an athlete-leader with us to a USA Games. Allison D’Agostino of Columbia served as part of the PR team taking photos and videos and telling the stories of our delegates. She was selected from a pool of five other applicants and did a phenomenal job covering Team Missouri. In addition to taking photos, capturing video, writing stories/blogs and editing nightly b-roll clips to send back to media around Missouri, she hosted nightly recap shows where she interviewed a coach and at least one athlete from every sport. If you missed these or want to re-watch any of them, please see below.

Allison also wrote two stories while in Seattle that focused on two different USA Games volunteers who either used to live, or currently live, in Missouri.

She did an amazing job for us all week and we couldn’t be more proud of the work she put in behind the scenes in the last few months as well. She’s a soon-to-be graduate of SOMO’s Athlete Leadership Programs University where athletes can take classes in a variety of subjects (technology, life skills, personal finances, leadership, etc.) and become leaders on their teams and in their communities in a multitide of ways. For more information about ALPs, email Brandon Schatsiek or visit

Whether you traveled to Seattle to watch the team or cheered them on from home, we hope that you all took advantage of the Team Missouri mobile app to stay up to date and communicate with one another. We know it’s not a perfect app, but we hope that you found it useful in most situations.

If you did utilize the app, please do us a huge favor and take this quick 5-minute survey on what you liked and didn’t like about it. We want to make sure that if we do this again that it fits your needs regardless if you’re watching in-person or from home. Please complete the survey by Aug. 6.

Sometime before the end of the year, we’d like to get Team Missouri delegates back together for a reunion at our new Training for Life Campus. We don’t have a date yet, but stay tuned for something later this fall.

We have produced numerous videos over the last 12 months from quick spotlight interviews of every delegate to the reaction video to the fun emoji game videos and much, much more. To see all of the videos and stay up to date when we add future videos to our catalog, subscribe to our YouTube channel.

We tried our best to keep up with all the results every day from all of the sports in our nightly newsletters, but we surely missed a few here and there over the course of last week. Below you will find a list of every sport, its delegates and how they fared in Seattle.

Athletics (Track and Field)
Emily Carroll – bronze (100 M walk), silver (standing long jump), sixth place (50 M run), bronze (softball throw)
Brett Harper – fourth place (800 M run), fifth (400 M run), bronze (long jump)
Mark Harris – sixth place (100 M run), seventh place (200 M run), fourth place (shotput)
Shaquana Hobbs – silver (running long jump), sixth place (100 M run), gold (mini javelin), gold (shotput)
Jesse Hodgson – bronze (100 M walk), bronze (softball throw), silver (50 M run), bronze (softball throw)
Lynna Hodgson – silver (running long jump), gold (100 M run), bronze (200 M run), silver (shotput)
Dustin Johnson – seventh place (100 M run), bronze (200 M run), bronze (mini javelin)
Mary McManus – gold (running long jump), gold (200 M run), silver (400 M run)
4×100 M run – Mary McManus, Dustin Johnson, Mark Harris, Brett Harper (fifth)

Basketball – Silver medal

Bobby Bates – sixth place (singles)
Lisa Berryhill – silver (singles)
Matthew Davidson – fourth place (singles)
Colin Garrison – fourth place (singles)
Amanda Koch – bronze (singles)
James Ross – silver (singles)
Jaime Rosso – sixth place (singles)
Rebecca Tincknell – silver (singles)
Doubles – James Ross/Bobby Bates (sixth place), Amanda Koch/Jaime Rosso (fifth place)
Unified Doubles – Kathy Witmeyer/Becca Tincknell (silver), Larry Hughes/Colin Garrison(fourth place), Paul Davidson/Matt Davidson (silver), Marsha Roselli/Lisa Berryhill (bronze)
Unified Teams – James Ross/Larry Hughes/Paul Davidson/Matt Davidson (fifth place), Becca Tincknell/Amanda Koch/Kathy Witmeyer/Marsha Roselli (fourth place)
Traditional Teams – Jaime Rosso/Bobby Bates/Colin Garrison/Lisa Berryhill (silver)

Kayla Brewer – bronze (singles)
Jeremiah Ellis – gold (singles)
Brandon Mynatt – bronze (singles)
Alaina Toliver – gold (singles)
Unified teams: Trey Toliver/Tyler Busken/Jeremiah Ellis/Brandon Mynatt (gold), Amanda Geno/Erica Koenegstein/Alaina Toliver/Kayla Brewer (silver)
Unified doubles: Amanda Geno/Kayla Brewer (gold), Erica Koenegstein/Alaina Toliver(silver), Tyler Busken/Brandon Mynatt (fourth place), Jeremiah Ellis/Trey Toliver (gold)

Thomas Cleek – 4th place in high performance championship division
John Hughes & Michael Garrison (Unified pair) – Silver
Cade Marian & Doug Marian (Unified pair) – Silver
Nick McMullen & Jerry McMullen (Unified pair) – Silver

Timothy Bray – gold (squat), silver (deadlift), participation ribbon (bench press), participation ribbon (combination)
Jody Davis – silver (squat), gold (deadlift), bronze (bench press), silver (combination)
Brandon Mize – silver (bench press), gold (squat, deadlift, combination)
Charlie Phillips – silver (combination), silver (bench press), bronze (deadlift), bronze (squat)

Softball – Silver medal

Devin Bock – participation ribbon (50 M butterfly), gold (50 M freestyle), fourth (50 M backstroke)
Allison Byrd – gold (100 M IM), sixth (400 M freestyle), silver (200 M breaststroke)
Joel Chrouser – silver (100 M IM), bronze (100 M breaststroke), silver (400 M freestyle)
Jessica Grammer – bronze (50 M butterfly), fifth (100 M freestyle), fourth (50 M backstroke)
Curtis Herbold – silver (50 M butterfly), sixth (100 M freestyle), gold (25 M backstroke)
Logan Hulett – fourth place (100 M backstroke), gold (200 M freestyle), gold (100 M butterfly)
Neha Naik – gold (25 M backstroke)
Libby Waddell – silver (200 M freestyle), participation ribbon (200 M IM), silver (100 M butterfly)
4×50 M relay – Jessica Grammer, Neha Naik, Curtis Herbold, Devin Bock (gold)
4×100 M relay – Libby Waddell, Joel Chrouser, Logan Hulett, Ali Byrd (silver)

Lucas Blattel – gold (traditional doubles with Simon Caldwell), silver (singles)
Simon Caldwell – gold (traditional doubles with Lucas Blattel), bronze (singles)
Kristopher Greene – bronze (Unified doubles with Jeremy Clayton), bronze (singles)
Jeremy Clayton, Unified Partner – bronze (Unified doubles with Kris Green)

In case you didn’t hear, the 2022 USA Games are set for Orlando, Fla.! If you or someone you know is interested in trying out for Team Missouri in 2022, remember that they will need to win a gold medal in that sport in 2020 (Outdoor Games) or 2021 (Indoor Games and Summer Games). You then need to apply for and attend the 2021 Selection Camp in June to be considered for the team. For more information on Team Missouri, please email Susan Shaffer.

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