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2018 Drive it Home Raffle: And the winner is . . .

On Saturday, Nov. 17, we celebrated with seven area finalists from across the state, who purchased tickets for the Drive it Home Raffle. They were all winners before they arrived! They visited the Training for Life campus, enjoyed a tour, dinner and watched our athletes participate in their very first camp at the TLC! A truly remarkable weekend in so many ways!

And now it is time to meet the winner of the 2018 Ford Explorer: Al Rodriguez! Turns out that the number 5 is lucky for Al. He was the fifth person to select a key at the Drive it Home Raffle Grand Prize Giveaway Event. He was joined by his wife and young children. His 5 year old daughter, Megan helped him pick the winning key. One of the most impactful parts of the event was watching the athletes give high fives to the winning family as they walked to their new vehicle! Congrats to Al and his family!

Raffle winner 2018



Tammy Morgan: Tammy purchased one ticket from Special Olympics Missouri athlete Derek Sandboth when she visited the new Training for Life campus on a tour with members of the Knights of Columbus. She likes to drive and works in Jefferson City. She recognizes all that the Knights do to support our mission and is excited about becoming more involved in Special Olympics Missouri. If Tammy wins the Ford Explorer, she would most like jump up and down with excitement! A trip could be in Tammy’s future. Ticket #: 011944

Kim Swanson: Kim purchased two tickets from her friend and coworker Lisa Breeden. She is very familiar with Special Olympics and our mission because Lisa has a son who participates in SOMO every year. He is involved in several sports and is always so excited to participate. Winning a new Ford Explorer would be a blessing to her family as they have children in college next year. Ticket #: 078013

Colin Welch: Colin purchased four tickets from SOMO staff member, Mary Niswonger. Colin is a member of the Knights of Columbus and has supported Special Olympics athletes for several years. He helped with Area Spring Games in high school and raises money through the Knights of Columbus Tootsie Roll Drive. When asked what he would do with a new Ford Explorer, he said that he would put his wife in the vehicle! Lucky lady! Ticket #: 013027

Floyd Deidiker: Floyd purchased 4 tickets from Bill Nichols. They were the last four tickets that Bill had left to sell. Bill is a former Grand Knight of the KOC council 9892. Floyd is the current Grand Knight for this council and has been a part of Special Olympics for the past several years. He firmly believes in our programs and in our athletes. He shared that he never wins anything and is excited that he is one of the area finalists! He would probably faint if he won the Ford Explorer. Ticket #: 018782

Terry Brown: Terry purchased 10 tickets online through Facebook or Instagram. He enjoys sports and is familiar with Special Olympics Missouri as a volunteer and donor. They are in the market to replace one of their vehicles, and the Ford Explorer would be a great fit. Ticket #: 012120

Fran Sokolowski: Fran purchased one ticket from a police officer during the Shop ‘n Save t-shirt sale at their Florissant location. She is familiar with Special Olympics, generously supporting our athlete’s through contributions. She only drives short distances and would most likely share the vehicle with her family! Ticket #: 038302

Al Rodriguez: Al purchased two tickets from an O’Fallon police officer during our Dunkin Donuts Cop on Top event in May. He understands the importance of sports and activity in the lives of children and enjoys seeing the smiles on their faces when they compete. When asked what he would do if he won the Ford Explorer, he shared that it will be an upgrade to one of their vehicles. Ticket #: 003246

Thanks to the Missouri Automobile Dealers Association for generously donating a 2018 Ford Explorer for our Drive it Home Raffle this year.