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2014 USA Games Team Missouri newsletter — Thursday edition!

Thursday: End of individual sports

Many of our teams finished up competition play today and just have their awards to give tomorrow. Many of our MO Magic fans came out to support. The athletes are not looking forward to being done with competition, that’s for sure.

Athletics –

The athletes started their finals today. It was a good day for Team Missouri in medals. The venue was determined to get all the events squeezed in today so it made for a long day for the athletes outside. They were troopers through it all.

Coach Julia Busken said that Danny Topete jumped the farthest he ever had today in the running long jump with a 4.36. The athletes actually thought he was hurt after his second jump, but he was only praying.


  • Danny Topete: Gold in the running long jump, gold in mini javelin
  • Allen Tobin: 4th in the running long jump, 5th in 100m run, 4th in 200m run
  • Maria Arnett, Danny Topete, Paige Hall and Jason Coffman: 4th in 4×100 Relay
  • Shelley Antle: Gold in 50m walk, Gold in standing long jump
  • Maria Arnett: 5th in 200m run, Silver in 100m run, Bronze in running long jump
  • Eric Wright: Gold in 50m walk
  • Jason Coffman: Bronze in running long jump, Gold in 200m run
  • Paige Hall: 4th in 100m run , Gold in running long jump, Silver in shot put
  • Jane Highland: Gold in 100m run, 7th in running long jump, Bronze in mini javelin, Gold in shot put


The team had another successful day at the pool. They even got to meet Olympic Gold medalist, Dara Torres and get their picture taken with her.  Several of the swimmers received a medal or ribbon today. Coach Amy Wurst said Nathan Baldwin’s 50 freestyle race was so close that when the scores came up, it looked like he had gotten third but when he got up on the award stands, he had actually out touched the other guy and got a silver.


  • Nathan Baldwin: Silver in the 50 freestyle
  • Jennifer Neihouse: 8th in the 50 freestyle
  • Logan Hulett: Bronze in the 200 backstroke
  • Kirstin Carlson: Silver in 1,000 freestyle
  • 4 x 50 relay of Cody Anderson, Libby Waddell, Logan and Jennifer  team got Gold

Basketball (men’s)-

The men played a very tough match against New York. They were ahead most of the game but lost by 1 point. They worked well together as a team. They play tomorrow morning at 10:30 a.m. against Indiana for the bronze at the College of New Jersey.

Basketball (women’s)-

The women started off the morning playing against Texas. They won 21-12. They had previously lost to them but got their revenge today. They play tomorrow morning for the gold medal at 9:15 a.m. at The Hun School.


The singles divisions started today. The athletes played great today and all of them finished with a medal or ribbon.


  • Lonnie Thornton – Gold in singles
  • Matt Cepeda – Silver in singles
  • Pierce Rash – 4th  in singles
  • Rebecca Tinknell – 4th in singles
  • Morgan Coombe – Gold in singles
  • Melissa Buss – Silver in singles


Teams played today to finish up their last day of competition. They had some very tough competition today. They receive their awards tomorrow, so we have to wait until then to see how everyone finished up.

Flag Football-

Unfortunately the team lost their game this morning. The athletes improved on their gameplay but they just couldn’t get the win.  They finished the day with awards and received a 5th place ribbon. Flag football was sitting under the athlete lounge tent today to take a team picture. Coach Chase Crane went around the backside of the tent and hit it up so the rain water flew out the front on to the athletes. Coach Steve Wilmesherr caught the water on camera right before it hit them and they didn’t even see it coming.


The golfers finished up with awards today, which very  smoothly. There were lots of fans out to support the team. They were able to finish the week on a positive note.


  • Thomas Cleek – Gold in 18 holes
  • Tere’e Trussell – Silver in individual skills
  • Tina Jones – 4th place in individual skills
  • Jocelyn Diehl and Stephanie Littrell – participation ribbons in Unified doubles
  • Chris Ringot – Silver in 9 holes
  • Nick and Jerry McMullen – Silver in Unified doubles



They continued to be fans of the game today. At the men’s basketball game, Brianne Chavez and Dary McIntyre got the fans pumped up by leading the show me, show me, show me cheer.


Tennis finished up an amazing week of competition today with singles. Brittany Selken played some great matches and ended up bringing home a bronze medal. Bobby also shined in his matches. He too received a bronze medal.


  • Brittany Selken – Bronze in singles
  • Bobby Williams – Bronze in singles


The team started out the morning with a loss against New Jersey. They played hard but made a few mistakes. After getting over the morning jitters, they played Pennsylvania for the bronze medal. It was a rematch from the other day. After losing the first set, they came back strong and won on the second set. They got the win on the third set and took bronze. They have awards tomorrow. Matt Montgomery was in tears after their victory and hugging everyone. The athletes were very excited.

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