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’18 Team Missouri: Rachel Hanson (Sunny Days in Seattle — Day 2 of competition)

Antal, RachelRecapping Tuesday:

It was a very early morning as I got up to go with golf. I rode the bus out with them to the golf course. On the way, we finally got to see Mt. Rainier. I couldn’t get a picture of it unfortunately because it was on the wrong side of the bus. It was actually sunny and gorgeous at 6 a.m. We got to the golf course and Thomas started practicing his driving, putting, and chipping. They were playing music in the backyard. They kept going from the national anthem to Kelly Clarkson. People were really confused as if they should put their hand over their heart or not. They would never play the full song. Thomas was the first one to golf so we followed him out for a couple holes. Then Sarah and I came back to watch the unified golfers go out. I wasn’t as fortunate as in New Jersey to get a media golf cart. They said there were golf carts going around to take you to different holes but they never came by us. Sarah and I ended up walking a good chunk of the golf course. Golf is hard to move around easily because you can’t walk past the golfers while they’re hitting and when they’re not hitting, you have to make sure the road you’re going down doesn’t have anyone hitting at you. We followed Jerry, Nick, Cade and Doug, for a couple of holes. They had some really great hits. The view on the course is breathtaking with the mountains and trees in the background.

I was going to meet Daniel, my brother-in-law for lunch at Microsoft and take a Lyft but it didn’t want to work. Finally after much struggle, I was able to meet up with Daniel. Only 20 minutes late… We went and ate at the Commons and these delicious BBQ burgers. One thing I really like about Seattle, is they recycle or compost everything to try and help the environment. It is very hard to find straw because they are trying to climate waste that goes into the ocean. We went to the Visitor Center and checked it out. They had the first Macintosh computer, talk about outdated lol. They had the first Xbox so of course I had to send Derrick a picture. We surprised the Hanson family by calling and skyping with was great. It was great to see Daniel and catch up a bit. I headed back to golf just in time. They decided to stop running buses, so they were taking one more and that’s it. Thankfully they waited a few minutes for me but the whole golf bus now knows my name lol. That would have been awful being stuck in Redmond with no way to get back.

When I got back, I headed over to Bocce and was able to catch Marsha and Lisa’s unified doubles and Jaime and Amanda’s doubles game. I came back and grabbed some dinner with Allison. Charlie was competing in Powerlifting tonight, so I ran over there. It is intense. These athletes are way stronger than me. Derrick has been getting me to go lift with him at the gym so I definitely feel their pain with those squats. Charlie is a ham. He was trying to get us all pumped up, even though we were yelling at the top of our lungs when he came out. I love Powerlifting because the athletes try their hardest to break their personal records and they feed off the crowds enthusiasm. The athletes definitely brought it tonight. Charlie did awesome especially during the dead lift. There was a lot of Missouri fans there too. Trey from Bowling got an extra Hawaii pin so I traded him a couple pins for it because Hawaii pins are very hard to come by. One more random fact for the night, Washington has a lot of crows and a lot of bald eagles. We love seeing the bald eagles but it’s not a big deal to Washington citizens because they see them all the time. The crows are so annoying. There were two fighting in a tree the other day, just going crazy. It has been a great long day.