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’18 Team Missouri: Lynna Hodgson (Days 1-2 of Competition)

These posts come from track and field athlete Lynna Hodgson. They were originally posted on her personal blog and re-posted here with her permission. They are unedited.

Hodgson, Lynna_Track

This will be two days in one post!

Day One:
To start off, on  July 2nd. It’s a surprise that I didn’t wake up until 5am this morning. But I needed that extra hour of sleep. I’m glad I got it. I have one event today and it is running long jump. I competed against another team MO athlete, I’m SO ready to show the world, and myself what I can do! In the end I got 2nd place! And my teammate got 1st. Jesse has three events today, he is doing softball throw and 50 meter run. At the end he got bronze in softball throw and in 50 meter run! When I got award, I was so happy! My family came and saw me getting my award, I almost cried when I saw them. Especially my little niece!


Day Two:
This morning I woke up at 4am. I couldn’t go back to sleep I tried so hard too! But oh well. Today I have I e event and that is the 100 meter run, it’s in the afternoon. Dustin got 7th in 100 meter, Shaquana got 2nd in running long jump, Mary got gold in running long jump, mark got got 6th in 100 meter run, Emily got 3rd in 100 meter walk, and Jesse got bronze in softball and 100 meter walk. That was yesterday’s results. I got GOLD in my 100 meter run! I was so proud of myself, I almost cried! I remembered everything all my coaches told me. Today I got Idaho pin, Tennessee pin. My list is getting smaller!